John & Ann:

Hi, my name is Donald Anderson and I live in Mason, Wisconsin. I purchased a Boz saddle in the Summer of 2001. Before I had purchased my Boz saddle I rode for many years with different brands of saddles. Using these saddles always resulted in sore knees and a sore back. In the Fall of 1999 I had major back surgery and was worried about horse/mule riding so I talk for many hours with John before I purchased my Boz saddle and never regret having spent the money on it. I have logged a few thousand miles in my Boz saddle and have explained to many how and why I purchased a Boz saddle. The Boz saddle is comfortable for me and no more sore knees or back and if my mule Pat could talk he would tell you it fits well too. John is now working with me to adjust my Boz saddle to fit my new molly mule, Daisy. If you would like to ask me any more questions feel free to email me at: