Finally learn how to Race barrels NOT Run barrels There is a HUGE difference between the 2, that no one has ever taught UNTIL NOW!

We ride on our FEET not our SEAT! And it is the footwork that counts, proving that it is 80% Rider and 20% Horse in any Discipline


The big secret here is, you can't ride like this in any other saddle, PERIOD!  Train in my BOZ BAREBACK , then race in the BOZ BALANCE RIDE SADDLE!!  Use my BOZ CONTROL PACKAGE and I can teach you how to become a CHAMPION in any discipline through my BOZZAGE PERFORMANCE RIDING SCHOOL.    Call me- 559-542-1269



 1.     Horses right hind lead foot way up towards girth & riders heels down and toes out, in the riders grove and she is looking to the next barrel. 

2.    Here she is riding the horse not the seat, no rubber band feet - no high cantle, and no death grip on a horn.  This is barrel racing, NOT WESTERN PLEASURE!  So learn to ride the horse, NOT the SEAT.....

3.    Look how she is attached to the horse in the riders grove, heels down and her rigid calves against the horse for maximum grip.  In counterfeit saddles they ride with their legs out like CHICKEN WINGS and with no leg grip from the knees to the ankle, that's why they need to rubberband their feet - high cantle and the famous death grip on the horn or they fall off. 

4.    Looking at the horses right hind foot again, going to the girth, rider is up and riding the horse not the seat, 2 handed guiding is about 95% more effective than 1 hand guiding and running into barrels. 

5.    Hind end of horse is doing a smaller circle than the front end, he is always in the correct lead to every barrel and in the correct lead coming out from a barrel.  Again the rider is up off the horse and looking to the next barrel. 

6.    Again her heels are down and toes out not like other riders with flat feet or in most cases, toes down, not much leg grip in either.  Toes have to be OUT to get maximum grip with your calves in the riders groove. 

7.    This Bareback Racing Saddle will teach you how to ride, even if you think you can.  At no time is Becky ever in trouble with SPEED, BALANCE, SECURITY, AGILITY or CONTROL, in this racing saddle.