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Custom-made American Innovations.


A Custom Saddle Stand so elegant and beautiful that some people call it “Fine Art " Assembles in 3 minutes, no screws or nails needed.  Lightweight, but strong enough to hold a rider and their saddle.  A gift that will be treasured for generations. 


  This shows Bonzs laid out in pieces.  You can put it together as fast as 3 minutes with no bolts or tools.  Fits together like a puzzle

 This shows Bonzs with the Base put together.        

This shows Bonzs with the frame in place ready for the Ribs      

See below:  These pictures shows different views of Bonzs put together, ready for a saddle and Rider 



These pictures are Bonzs unfinished. $50.00 off unfinished.


(Plain "unfinished" savings of $50.00)


Colors Available:

    Oak -  Walnut - Mahogany or Cherry

Price:  $995.00 ($945.00 unfinished)      559-542-1269  Pacific Time Zone