New gray sponge bars with velcro on both sides.  Designed to stick to our Boz Horse pad so you don't get any slip, no matter how loose you like to cinch your animal.   This is the correct placement on the saddle.  1/2" out front of saddle and follow the velcro on the bottom.  Note that they touch in the middle, you don't place them down and leave a gap, this will put them over the rigging hole on your skirts.  Make sure you place them so they are touching. 

               Put the saddle upside down and hold the pad up like seen in picture, so it is even.  Bring the pad down evenly and keep it up and centered in the middle as the following pictures show.        

            These pictures show how the sponge bars and pad sits on the saddle. 

You can now have leather covered pads with the no slip velcro option.       This shows them on a saddle with our Boz Horse pad.    

Call today and order your new Boz never slip sponge bars and Horse pad or see how you can upgrade your Boz pad to this system.  559-542-1269  or email: