Reviews from Bozzage Clinic Students


Please see below a review from 1st timers to a Bozzage Clinic.  Linda and Mark watched Boz and the Fab 7 at Pomona Horse Expo in Feb. 2013.  Here's what they thought about their 1st Bozzage Clinic

Thu 4/4/2013 12:37 PM

Re: Bozzage test and next clinic

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Mark and I enjoyed our first clinic. This was one of the best clinics we have done! The group of people are terrific and the meals were amazing! We really enjoyed the instruction. We are looking forward to the next clinic!
Linda Williams
Mark Williams


Please see below a review from BJ, a long time Bozzage student.  BJ and her husband Bob host Bozzage clinics at their ranch near Strathmore, CA. 


If you're tired of sending your horse back to the trainer for a "tune up," or buying another horse because the one you have does great for the trainer but "just won't work for you," then the Bozzage school of riding and training clinics are for you.  I met John "Boz" Bozanich about 25 years ago shortly after I bought my first "nice" (well bred) horse.  I had been riding for about 15 years.  I had taken a few lessons and some training classes.  I knew I wanted to be able to spin, slide stop, and do flying lead changes.  Trainers and instructors I had worked with could do all that on their horses and with my horse, but couldn't seem to teach me how to get it done on my horse.  Boz assured me he could teach me to do all that and more, and that I would be able to do it on any horse I rode.  Over the nearly 25 years I have ridden with Boz I have trained over 30 horses in the Bozzage system.  I don't send my horses to the trainer for a tune up, I am the trainer, and I don't buy additional horses because my horse won't work for me.  If you are the primary rider of your horse; you are the primary trainer.  Begin now with Boz, and be the best trainer you can be.


Many thanks to John Bozanich,

BJ Fallert

April 7, 2013


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