Boz Original Balance Ride Saddles


Custom designed and built by a Monte Foreman instructor John "Boz Bozanich and his family for over 25 years.


Why? Because there was never any HARD FEELINGS

between the two of them like a DEAD AND HARD Custom wooden saddle tree.

"Don't be fooled a wooden saddle tree will only fit

a wooden horse or mule"

If the custom DEAD AND HARD wooden shoes are not good enough for you to perform in then why do you think the custom DEAD & HARD wooden saddle trees are good enough for your horse or mule to perform in.

Answer: They’re not! SO, PLEASE LET US HELP YOU with you and your horses fitting problems. This is the new millennium. DEAD AND HARD is out. For over 25 years I have proven that the Patented Boz Spring Flex - Air Flow relax fit with memory and no pressure point saddle trees, that one size fits all, just like the Indian. It takes 3 minutes to relax fit to any horse or mule shape and 15 minutes after riding to reclaim it's memory or starting shape. It will do it forever and it is 10 times stronger than any other saddle tree. This is only one of my secrets to achieving 95% more performance out of our horses or mule and my students.

No one else in the world can do what we can do for you and your horse or mule and I can prove it because what I have to say I put into RIDING.



Why a Boz Saddle