Hi!  My Name is Debbie Townsley. I have 3 very different horses and am an avid trail and sometimes endurance rider.  The first is a gaited mustang, stocky and short.  I've been riding Him in a western saddle that seemed to be working fine until I rode him in my new Boz saddle kit.  Wow!  He moves along now at warp speed! I never knew he could cover so much ground sooooooooo fast!  We have a blast!  He moves so free and easy now and is so much fun to ride!  Thank you Boz!  We both thank you! 
     I also have a 3yr old Quarab filly that I am training to ride.  I couldn't wait for my Boz saddle and rode her the first time in my western saddle.  She had a white mark after only one ride!  I have now ridden her several more times in the Boz saddle, and she is doing great.  I will never put a wooden saddle on her again!  No Bucking, no problems at all.  She is coming along great! 
     My other horse is a National Show Horse mare.  Tall and Lanky, 20yrs young.  My Boz saddle fits her like a glove!  I've always ridden her in an english Passier saddle.  She seemed to get a little sore after about 25 miles.  I haven't ridden her that far in my Boz yet, but I am confident that she will do great.  She goes so relaxed in it.  We all love it!  My only problem now is that I am really going to have to buy another Boz so I don't have to change tack for my very different sized horses so often!  My old saddles are for sale now!
      As far as building the kit, it was easy!  I felt real proud to have built my saddle all by myself.  I am a 50yr old woman and had no trouble at all.  I didn't even watch the video.  I used the instructions on paper.  I built it while watching the history of the saddle part of the video and eating lunch.  I talked to Boz later and he told me there were video directions also!  It took a leisurely two and a half hours. I will probably build my next one in 45 mins. 
       I feel kind of bad selling my old saddles knowing some other horses are going to have to wear them.  But I need the money for my new Boz kit!  Thanks again Boz!  The horse world needs more people like you!

Debbie Townsley