I am very excited to add the saddle kit to my Boz saddle collection.  I already have a bareback and a swell fork sheepskin.  I was able to build my saddle in 2 Ĺ hours using the paper instructions.  I didnít realize there were video instructions until after I was finished!  I feel very proud to have built my own saddle.


The biggest difference I noticed when I switched from a traditional western saddle to a Boz, was that my horses moved so freely and efficiently.  Their range of motion is greatly increased and they seem much happier while I am riding them.  I have used my saddle for gymkhana, trail riding and drill team.


The other biggest difference is the position the saddles put my legs in.  Riding in the riderís groove makes me feel so secure and confident.  When my 22 yr old quarter horse feels frisky and decides to throw in a buck or two, I donít even move from that spot.  It makes it so easy to ride any horse.


Thank you for transforming the way I ride.  I have improved soooo much over the past 11 months.  I would never even dream about going back to my old tack!  Itís for sale now.


Thanks again,

Sharann Derksen/Schuck