From: Nancy Agnew <>
Subject: love my saddle

Dear Boz,

I am a sixteen years old horse lover.

Four years ago, my mom and dad bought me the dream of my life:  an endurance Arabian gelding named "Styyx."     During study hall at school (don't tell my parents), I found Styyx for sale on the Arabian horse website.   I thought he sounded like the perfect horse for me. 
He was.     For my twelfth birthday present, he appeared in our new corral.

There was just one problem:   Styyx has unusually high withers.      No saddle would fit him:  neither  my mom's English saddle; nor,  as it turned out, any other saddle I've tried.

Until I put a Boz saddle on his back.

Styyx's previous owner is an experienced  endurance rider.   She told me I HAD to order a Boz saddle.    She was right.   I really enjoyed being able to talk to you directly, explain the high withers dilemma, and receive in the mail a custom designed saddle for my gelding.   I really wouldn't be able to ride him  (other than with a bareback pad, which doesn't work for a 25 mile endurance ride!) without your saddle, because anything else hurts his back.   And I really appreciate all the extra thoughtful touches, such as the gold plate with my name engraved, on the back of the saddle.

The saddle is really comfortable, too.   And my parents are much more willing to have me go on long rides all alone, because they feel I'm safer on your saddle than I would be on the flatter English saddles on which I learned to ride.
In fact, my mother likes to tell the story of how her Boz saddle got her out of a sticky situation.    Having ridden up a steep mountain for about two hours, she was stymied near the top by a huge log across the narrow trail.   Undaunted, she tied a lead rope around the middle of the log, and secured the other end to the pommel of her Boz saddle.  
Backing up her cooperative Arabian mare, she dislodge the pole from the trail.   Not something she could have done on her English saddle. . . .

So you've helped my dream come true, of owning and riding my own Arabian horse.

Very gratefully yours,

Emma Agnew