Sunday March 31, 2013


Ann and John,

The kit is assembled!  I used the video as an aid.  Your video is very well done!  It didn't take very long in actual time, but my electric screwdriver battery ran out of juice and I had to let it recharge.  The only thing I did different from your video was on the screws that you used the ice pick I marked the spot with the pick and then ran a screw backwards (from the underneath side) to make the hole.  That seemed to make the hole big enough to easily find through the fuzz.


Attached are pictures of the saddle after assembly and on my mule.  I can see that it will take me some time to learn how to ride on my feet.  I guess I have ridden too many years in the seat and will have to train myself away from old habits.


The saddle seems to have made full contact all along the tree on my wide bodied mule.  I didn't ride her long enough yet to see the sweat pattern.  My guess is it will be the same as the impression.


Thank you for getting the kit to me as quickly as you did.  I will let you know how I progress as I get more time in the saddle.


Thanks again,