My first experience riding in a Boz saddle was when I rode a friend's
horse in a two day AHA Regional Championship ride.  I was worried about
riding an unfamiliar horse in an unfamiliar saddle (a Boz) for two days,
as my own saddle rubbed my legs raw when I rode for more than one day.
Much to my surprise and delight, at the conclusion of day two and a
Regional Reserve Championship, my legs were perfect - not a mark on them
for the first time since starting my long distance riding career in
1998!  I knew I had to get myself a Boz saddle! 

Then, if I needed more proof of how much I needed a Boz saddle, I rode
my own horse in a two day ride, and at the conclusion of the ride, my
horse had "bumps" on her back.  I thought I better get a Boz saddle
soon, or I'm going to hurt my horse!  As luck would have it, there was a
Boz saddle for sale on Endurance Net which I promptly purchased, and my
horse and I have been in heaven ever since!  This past fall, my horse
and I competed in a challenging 30 mile CTR, placing 2nd; followed by a
60 mile endurance race the following day, placing 9th and winning the
most coveted awards in endurance - Best Condition and High Vet Score!  I
firmly believe that it was due to the Boz saddle that we were able to be
so successful in this event, among others.  Thank you Boz for making
such a great saddle for both horse and rider! 

Kristen Howard
Ontario, CANADA
Ann - the photo that I have attached is of me; my horse, SEG Amazonia;
and, my husband, Dan at the ride I refer to in the testimonal.  Photo
credits to Tyler Green.  Thanks.