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John “Boz” Bozanich

33024 Globe Dr.

Springville, CA 93265


Dear Boz,


            It was so good to talk to you and sure hope that someday I get to really meet you.

I have to say I still love my BOZ Saddle as does my horses.  2 weeks ago my Appy half arab mare Candy (Canadianluvaffaie +) went to the mountains of N. Carolina.  We finished the 50 in 8 hrs. 39 min. and either going up or down felt completely secure and Candy was also comfortable and able to move so well.  Candy is a half sister to all of Earle Baxter’s Boys that he has so many miles on.  I always wondered how many we would have had, had I not had my accident and subsequent 23 reconstruction surgeries.  WE will be at the LBL ride dubbed the Appaloosa Nationals and a filming crew is to be there for film for the Appaloosa promotional film to come out.  I will send you a pic after.  Enclosed is the piece that needs a fix.  I love my heart monitor area and as you can tell I use it a lot.  The rest of the saddle shows a little wear but since I feel so balanced it’s not much. 


Sincerely, and Happy Trails,


Carolyn S. Loedeman

15314 CR 80

Frazeysburg, OH 43822


Email:  tawasentha@ohiohills, com