From: Nicholas McDonald <>
Subject: Saddle
To: John Bozanich <>

Hi Ann and John,

Once again I have to thank you for getting my saddle here in Vancouver, Canada for the middle of May in time for my clinic. The saddle is absolutely stunning, everything and more than I expected. John your little extra touches enhance the beautiful craftsmanship of the saddle. We've been fortunate enough to have decent weather when I have been able to get time off and I've put at least a couple of hundred miles in already. My horse loves it and so do I, I get lots of looks and lots of questions. The saddle is not for everyone but I'm sure that along the way a few people will care enough to do the research and want the best for their horse and themselves.  The saddle really helps put me on the balance point and I believe allows me to focus more on working with the horse instead of trying to shift around to stay out of his way.
Thanks again, I'll be in touch soon for new foam and sheepskin and some more leather conditioner at least.
How is the new place coming along?, Did you manage to get in this summer? Ann was going to send some pictures.
I saw the pictures of my saddle on the website, beautiful, although they don't do it justice. I have attached a couple of my horse with the saddle on.

All the best, I'll be in touch,

Nicholas McDonald