2-15-16 email testimonial

Hi Ann and John

Well I know I'm later than I planned sending you this. I really wanted to have a few hundred miles on my new saddle with my new horse.

As you know I rode many many miles on my Arab with my Boz endurance saddle without ever a sore back! I had went through 6 saddles prior trying to fit her.

When I bought my quarter horse I wanted to have a western saddle so my decision ended up have you guys convert my endurance model to your barrel saddle.

While I had shipped it off to you I used a couple different saddles on him both made him sore if I rode 10-20 miles.

"Bizkit" has saddle marks and almost a white blanket where his saddles bridged before I bought him.

Now with his Boz he never has a sore back no matter how far or often I ride him!

I want everyone to know that the SAME SADDLE that fit my hard to fit Arab also fits my big quarter horse!

Thank you so much, I tell everyone I meet that's talking saddles!

Nancy Paschall


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