From: Nancy Agnew <>
Subject: testimonial

Dear Boz,

Four years ago, I purchased two endurance Arabians:   one for my twelve year old daughter, and one for myself.

"Buy Boz saddles,"   urged the seller of the horses.

On her advice, I did purchase a Boz saddle for my daughter.

"But no way,"   I thought,  "will I splurge on one for myself.   Why should I?"   You see,   I had at the time a perfectly good old English Stuben saddle:   very comfortable, like a pair of favorite worn slippers.

But a few months later, what happened?   I began to secretly hope that my daughter would not want to ride.   Then, I could swipe HER Boz saddle!   Not only was it dreamily comfortable for me, but I liked the way it put my weight forward, helping my mare zip up the steep slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains where we live.   I also enjoyed skipping the saddle pad adjustment on the English saddle:   with a Boz saddle, you just throw one piece of equipment on your
equine's back, and off you go:   no fitting the girth through tight pad straps or adjusting the position of the pad.   The saddle itself is surprisingly light and easy to handle.

I must admit that within a few months, I ditched my penny-pinching and sprung for my own Boz saddle.    What a wonderful investment -- a lifetime of comfort for both me and my mount.

I recommend a Boz saddle, with no reservations,  to all my  riding friends.


Nancy Agnew
310 455 7508