Nancy Morton and Apple Jack Flash

Gaited Horse Trail Rider and Natural Horsemanship Student
I am 59 years old and own Gaited Horses, a grade gaited horse, a registered Missouri Foxtrotter and a registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (Apple Jack Flash).  I have attached a picture of extremely short backed Apple Jack showing off his new black and brown leather swell fork saddle with brown tree and removable horn.
Owning three horses of three different shaped backs and riding each of them with the same saddle that fits each horse like it was custom made for each of them sure uncomplicates the feel of each horse being ridden and my tack room inventory!  The fact that the horses enjoy it is obvious in the amount of freedom and lack of resistance in their movement.  They no longer harbor tension under the saddle or in the base of their necks.  They are calm and relaxed.  Not only are their shoulders free of pressure, their hind quarters are no longer inhibited by the weight of the rider.  Their gaiting abilities have blossomed.  My weight is forward up off their loins.  They readily round their backs.  I ride them barefoot, without bits and on loose rein.  My horses aren't built to pace...but it happens with poor saddle fit.  Pacing for us in no longer an issue.  Communicating with seat cues is crisp and clear.  I have to chuckle when they ask me not to dismount!
My horses have challenged me with respect to saddle fit.  I have five expensive saddles in my tack room which I have not touched since I first rode in my new Boz.  I have ridden quarter horses in it, sitting their trot as I did as a kid.  This saddle truly fits varied back configurations and the Boz always seems to compliment the rider with the back of each horse.  It's a dream come true!
I used to ache after a day of tacking and un-tacking horses not to mention riding hours in my rigid-tree saddles.  No matter how many horses I ride with the Boz in a day....That hour in the hot tub no longer seems so imperative. 
I usually ride in a 16.5 western seat.  Seat size was a great concern since a size 15 seat has never been in my wildest dreams.  As you assured me, this seat is not tight.  My balance in the Boz is phenomenal.  Swerving, spooking and bucking issues cause me no great concern.  The Boz allows me to go with the flow in any direction the horse takes me with the balance required to allow me to offer the mental and emotional support my horse needs in those troubled times.  I am amazed.
This saddle is not static...it has an energy of it's own which encourages the horse and the rider to synchronize in movement.  There is a life in it's ride that fosters a smile that never leaves my face.  I love this saddle.  I feel that it will add longevity to my riding future.  It enables a person of my age to have fun without experiencing aches and pains.  The rider position is ergonomic to perfect posture. 
I can't thank you enough for being patient with my doubts and for having the tenacity to develop a saddle that just keeps improving my riding abilities.  My horses and I have been jump started toward our goal of competitive trail.