Boz Custom Gear and Saddles for Ponies!


These pictures show a couple of ponies, different sizes that have the Boz Bareback Saddle, the Boz Halter Combo, and the Boz Split Reins with sticks.  We have different ages and sizes of riders.  Click on the pictures to see a larger and closer view of the gear. 

Luke   Beth   Geneva and Olivia   Olivia   Geneva, Olivia and Bob   Olivia   Luke   Daniel and Boz   Olivia, Geneva and Bob     

Daniel leading the kids around.                   Nora and her pony just hanging out.           

Becky at 1 of Bozzage Clinics, jumping with her pony in the Boz Bareback and Boz Snaffle and Boz Halter Combo and Boz Reins.


Eleanor on her pony at a Bozzage Clinic and then at her arena jumping on another pony with the Boz setup.