Boz and Annie!  Just wanted to say Howdy and let you know I'm still kicking.   I've been doing a bit of riding this year, and as of right now, Czentinel and I are in 4th place AERC west region featherwieght, and First in the state CSHA.  We did another 100 miler in May,  some 50's, an 80 miler in Aug. and back to back 50's in Sept.  Czentinel now has over 1000 miles.  Couldn't do it without my Boz!  He has never, ever had any back problems at any rides.  I wouldn't ride anything BUT a BOZ!  
Clarissa is getting pretty close to 8000 miles(!!!) and has never used anything but her BOZ saddles.   And, she rides 5 DIFFERENT horses.   Pretty amazing if you ask me. 
 You can use this as a testimonial if you like.  I am always willing to talk to folks about why I like my Boz saddles so much.   Have just met a lady that is having major sore back problems with her horse;  I told her to try a Boz.  She borrowed one from Clarissa and her horse wasn't sore.  Let's hope she buys one!
Hope I can get down your way someday soon.  Best to you,  Renie

Email address:  windsock75@frontiernet.net