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Region 18 Endurance news March 2007:

CSHA Region 18's Endurance program coincides with the CSHA State Endurance program and the AERC's competition year.

Renie Burnett and Czentinel are our 1st place Featherweight Endurance winners in California State Horsemen's Association Region 18 for 2008 as well as being the Overall High Point Endurance Horse winner and High Point Best Condition Horse for Region 18 2008
Renie and Czentinel are also 2nd place featherweight for CSHA State Endurance program 2008.

Renie Burnett has been riding Endurance longer then any other Region 18 CSHA member.
Renie has been in the AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) for over 25 years and has done Limited Distance (rides under thirty miles) as well as Endurance (rides over fifty miles).
She started endurance riding in 1983 with a horse that she had raised and trained, her wonderful buckskin 1/2 Arab "Windsock".  She retired Windsock from endurance riding after he had his 1000 mile medallion at 18 years old. 
Czentinel was also raised and trained by Renie, and they have had a lot of fun on the endurance trail.  Renie is hopeful that they will have many more years of competing

Renie completed her first 100 mile ride in 2007 (on Czentinel).. Czentinel tripped and fell on a rocky hill, and she rode the last 40 miles with a broken collar bone...she endured in the true sense of the word.
Renie has 2235 miles of Endurance rides, 385 Limited Distance miles, and 50 completions out of 51 starts to date.(1983-2008)
Czentinel  has 1235 Endurance miles, 110 Limited Distance miles and has 26 completions out of 26 starts, and 2 Best Condition awards and numerous top ten finishes to date.(2004-2008)
Renie and Czentinel were 5th place featherweight In the AERC regional point standings for the West region in 2008.

Renie was first a member of CSHA through the Petaluma Riding and Driving club way back in the 70's.  She belonged to the PR&D club for 5 or 6 years. 
She later was a member through  Palo Cedro Riders, that was in 1998.  She had to resign from PCR when her husband became disabled to be able to spend more time with him.  Clarissa Hale (Region 18 Endurance Chair in 2005) suggested that Renie join CSHA and the Endurance Program at the Whiskeytown Ride in 2005.  Renie and Czentinel won the CSHA State Featherweight Endurance Buckle in 2006.
She has continued membership in CSHA and the Endurance Program to the present date. (2009) Renie is 59 years young and lives in Anderson CA.
She really thinks the CSHA endurance program is terrific, and has lovely awards, too.

Here are the final results for the 2008 California State Horsemen's Association Region 18 Endurance Program Awards:

OVERALL HIGH POINT ENDURANCE HORSE  - CZENTINEL 973 points - owned and ridden by Renie Burnett

ENDURANCE BEST CONDITION AWARD - Czentinel and Renie Burnett (1 BC, Limestone Challenge)

FIRST PLACE FEATHERWEIGHT - Renie Burnett and Czentinel 973 points

FIRST PLACE LIGHTWEIGHT - Katie Lydon and KL Rising Storm
280 points

SECOND PLACE LIGHTWEIGHT - Diane Butler and Firefly Sparkle 205 Points

146 points

SECOND PLACE MIDDLEWEIGHT - Audra Homicz and Kiowa War Chief 82 points

THIRD PLACE MIDDLEWEIGHT - Kris Wright and Shobizz

HIGH POINT LD HORSE - WILLY'S RED ROSE 270 points - owned and ridden by Bonnie Sterling

LD BEST CONDITION AWARD - Willy's Red Rose and Bonnie Sterling (1 BC, Cuneo Creek )

FIRST PLACE LIMITED DISTANCE - Bonnie Sterling and Willy's Red Rose 270 points

SECOND PLACE LIMITED DISTANCE - Beverly Canavan and Such a Mystery 180 points

THIRD PLACE LIMITED DISTANCE - Audra Homicz and Kiowa War Chief 110 points

40 points

25 points

owned by Clarissa Hale, ridden by Sierra Wright

FIRST PLACE JUNIOR LIMITED DISTANCE - Sierra Wright and Ahmazing 30 points.

Awards to be presented at the Whiskeytown Chaser Endurance Ride 25 miles/50miles  (April 18th 2008 in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area,  outside Redding CA)

Remember to those that have yet done so, to sign up for 2009!
See you all out on the trail soon!

Audra Homicz
Region 18 Endurance Chair

Picture attached: Renie & Czentinel 2008