Thanks Ann Ė of course you can use the photos.  I friend of mine took both of them and I know she doesnít mind.  Crazy she is sold old isnít it?  Time doesnít stand still for anybody!!


Since Athena will be retiring, I have put the word out that I am looking for a horse to put under saddle this fall/winter and get going or just train/condition a horse to keep me busy.  I am really looking forward to my next project so I can show that Bozís training techniques work and that it isnít just my horse that is so trainable.  I have a few people that have said they are interested in giving me a horse.  I wonít be charging them to train their horse as I like competing as an amateur right now Ė they just have to pay to board the horse where I keep Athena.


Here is a video of one of our Grand Prix rides.

Here is a video link to her bridleless ride with Athena J


Fri 6/25/2010 8:13 AM