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Email:__________________________________                       Shipping:  $65.00  Shipping to be determined on weight and destination via USPS

ADDRESS:_______________________ CA Sales Tax 8%_______

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Basic Kit saddle fee: (customer assembles saddle parts) $1995.00

All other saddles Basic saddle fee: $2495.00 - Saddle Model________________

After we have received the paperwork and payment , we will assign you a time that your saddle will be built, this time is only an approximate time frame and depends on how many saddles we have on order and types of saddle that are on order.  (Except Express saddles and Saddles in stock.)   

All saddles and Kits includes:

___Bone saddle tree: ___ swell or ___ slick fork (Swell is the red tree and slick is the brown  tree), 1 pair of latigos, 1 pair of 3" stirrup leathers, ___ English or ___Western cut sheepskin seat (all kits and race saddles), Leather name plate (swell fork) see options for initials charge, crupper ring, nylon strings with cinch clips, strap eyes , footman loops, ___ pleasure seat (see below for performance price), 1 pair of NASA foam w/velcro on both sides, Narrow Twist, Leather covered  in Brown or Black, Boz 24" super cinch & cover, Boz 1" Breast collar,  trail stirrups


OPTIONS: Some are not available for Kit saddles

Tree: Swell_____ Slick_____

Special Color__________150.00 _____Black___Brown____Other__________  Special order color:$300.00__________

Extend seat ______375.00

Thigh Rolls______225.00 ( for slick forks)


Sheepskin Style Seat - English has longer flaps_____n/c    Western has shorter flaps _____n/c

Leather Seat _____650.00 (colors of leather)      Border Stamping _____75.00  (different stamps available)

This saddle is called a Sport Agility Saddle - Sport Agility saddles have exposed trees with a leather seat.


Performance Seat(Built up in rear)to push you forward towards the withers_____95.00  (45" or less around hips & thighs 26" or less) Left picture               Right picture shows pleasure seat (flat seat)  (n/c)Lets you sit all the way back to the cantle.    Both pictures are of Sport Agility Saddles

Pommel covered

Swell _____340.00 This shows an Ultimate swell with horn - Ultimate saddles have covered pommels and leather covered rear points  

Slick _____340.00  This shows an Ultimate slick fork with thigh rolls


Rear Points _____290.00 - The above saddles show the rear points covered

Border Stamping _____50.00

Round or Square Skirts _____450.00  This is a Performance Roper saddle with round skirts.

  This Performance saddle in Chessnut colored leather has the square rear skirts.

Border Stamping _____125.00

Colored LeatherMahogany   Tan   Mahogany & Blk  Tan & Black   Chestnut

1/2 _____175.00    Whl _____225.00

This Performance saddle is in chessnut colored leather with the silver package.

Silver Package:_____$150.00

Stirrups4" Trail _____75.00n/c    Engraved Alum _____$150.00 - upgrade75.00____       Laced _____95.00   

Oxbow _____75.00    Full covered_____145.00   Laced _____95.00     

Tapaderos ____175.00

  Dye charge ____ 50.00


24" Super Cinch _____75.00 n/c

Other _____

Extra Covers _____50.00

Back Cinch

Back Cinch lined _____325.00

  Stamping _____ 75.00

  Draft Extra _____ 50.00

Breast CollarOn left Reg. 1" _____150.00     On right Deluxe(lined)_____250.00 - upgrade 100.00____

Border Stamping _____50.00 (deluxe only)

Boz sponge comfort bars (Nasa foam) Leather Brown____or Black____$350.00 1" is the normal size but also available in:  1/2" - 3/4" - 1" -  1 1/4" & 1 1/2" - extra charge for anything larger than 1"


BOZ CUSTOM PADS FOR HORSE           Patterns

Boz Custom Regular Pad_____240.00 n/c

Western or Large_____265.00 (Western cut has a square back) - upgrade 25.00____

", 3/4" &1",  nasa foam - 1 pair inserts included ($25.00 extra for 1"nasa foam)


Leather name plate initials_____10.00    Brass name plate ___25.00    Cantle bag:___30.00  

Horn    Aluminum Horns: Left Pebble grip _____200.00 Middle Swirl_____225.00 Right Polished _____250.00

Gear Bronze (not pictured but comes in same finished:  Pebble grip _____225.00  Swirl_____250.00  Polished _____275.00

Post Dally ____250.00  Wrapped_____$165.00(Plus cost of your choice of horn style)  Other __________

Pony Ring _____95.00

Western Stirrup Fenders_____265.00

    Border Stamping_____125.00


Halter Bridle Combo: Color _____

Reg___49.95 Lg___54.95 Draft____59.95     Black, Red, Blue or Green

Boz Style Custom Leather Headstalls _____ 125.00      

Boz style Leather Drop Noseband attachments_____100.00

Leather Cavasan _____75.00 (Boz headstall)

Leather slobber straps unlined _____30.00

Bits and Spurs

Boz Snaffle _____200.00

Foreman Medium Pelham_____125.00

Boz/Foreman Combo Pelham snaffle - 3" - 5" rein attachments, all in one bit ,now 2 bits in one _____175.00

  This shows reins with sticks, martingale, snaffle bit, leather bridle (This is the control package)

Martingale _____49.95 reg

_____54.95 lg


Color ___________ Black, Red, Blue or Green    (Blue not shown)

Split 18"w/stks_____130.00

      24" w/stks _____150.00

      30" w/stks _____175.00

      18" no snaps _____130.00

        with tassles

24" no snaps_____150.00  (w/tassles)

Solid _____65.00 - braided back- Black, Red, Blue or Green

Double Reins Leather for Foreman Bit with 3/4" - 1" martingale stops _____125.00

Lead Ropes 10' _____105.00 (includes a 40.00 snap) - Black, Red, Blue or Green

Monkey Fist _____75.00 Quick release - Black, Red, Blue or Green  (Shown in Black with heavy duty snap $120.00 and  with Boz Halter Combo 49.95)

Boz Specially Designed Spurs 3/4 stainless steel balls complete with leather straps

Shank _____100.00

Womens _____ Mens _____

No Shank _____100.00

Womens _____ Mens _____

Monte Foreman Horse Training Science  A must have book for Bozzage Training

Book _____65.00 (paperback 49.95)


         _____49.95 Riding by Reasoning and Saddle research & Kit building instructions

                _____99.95 (2 tapes on 1 DVD) Horsemanship And It is the Footwork that counts


Other item: _____

Other item: ____________


BOZ control package: $375.00 -          Bo in his Control package

Leather headstall, martingale, 18",24"or 30" split reins w/sticks, Boz snaffle

A $575.00 value  for only $400.00