“How to adjust your stirrup length to ride a Boz Balance Ride Saddle”

Please stand next to your horse on the ground with your right hand and arm sticking straight out from your right side, take your middle finger place on the swivel bolt in front of the pommel, adjust your stirrup length so the bottom of the tread of the stirrup just touches your torso under your arm pit. Now when you get into the saddle and stand straight up with a straight leg and flat feet, just like if you were standing there talking to someone on the grown, your crotch should come to the top of the pommel you will be 4" up and out of the seat. Now turn your toes out to at less 22 degree angle to wrap the stirrup leathers around your canon bones the farther you turn out the stronger the grip you will have. Now push your heels down 2'' lower than the tread of your stirrups, your crouch will now only be 2" out of the seat. Now slightly bend your knees to come down 1" more now you are only 1" out of the seat that is the most leg you can have on the horse without bottoming out and you now can ride on your feet not your seat and only be 1" up and out of the seat. The balance point to ride a horse at any speed or direction is that if you draw a line from right behind the elbow of the horse straight up, the riders Shoulders, Knees and Feet have to be on that line. So as you sit in the saddle and look down at were your Knees and Feet they are already on that line that is where the Boz Balance Ride Saddle puts them, but your Shoulders are back behind the pommel and they are not on that line yet while we just walk and talk. Now it is time to ride just stand up 1” in the seat go to the pommel, slightly bend forward until your shoulders get over the top of the pommel or on that vertical line from the elbow straight up you will feel the pressure and weight go to your legs and feet, turn your toes out to wrap the stirrup leathers around your cannon bones, push your heals down, now take both of your hard calf muscles and place them in front of your cinch and try to touch your heals under your horse you can’t but that is the feeling you want to feel while riding a Boz Balance Rider Saddle. You should never feel air under your calves from your knees down to your ankles against your horse, this is where the main security comes from not from your knees to your crouch you will come out of the saddle like tooth paste. You are now riding on your feet not your seat, no one on this planet can ride like this with their stirrups hung behind the cinch like a Western Pleasure or Dressage Saddle no one period, don’t be fooled “The Famous Western Pleasure Barrel Saddle”, has nothing designed in them for racing and it never has. I would love the chance to help anyone be the best they can be, but you must first call me, before I can teach you how to ride like the top 1% in the World.  May you always ride a great horse and you’re great Horse enjoys you more through, THE New BOZZAGE Hi-Tech Performance Riding School for Barrels & Endurance Racing. I have been a Monte Foreman Instructor since 1980 thank you everyone for all the years of support, sincerely BOZ, 559-542-1269 bozsaddlery.com