My first ride in a Boz saddle was at the Goethe 100 in Florida.  I had never even sat in a Boz but was riding someone else's horse and that is what the horse was trained in.  It was this mares first one day hundred and the owner wanted me to trot the whole 100 miles.  100 miles of sand!  I knew I was going to be sore.  The horse and I both finished in great shape and neither of us were sore at all!  I was impressed to say the least and began the hunt for a Boz of my own.  I have 6 Arab mares ranging from fat pony sized to off the race track.  With my Boz I can adjust the saddle to fit each horse.  To prove to myself I was on the right track I went to a thermography clinic with my mare off the track.  I rode in one of 'those' treeless saddles and in the Boz.  The images don't lie the Boz fit perfectly.  I also own a feed and tack store in NJ and until the Boz had never found a saddle I was comfortable selling in my store but since I have been loaning mine out to customers having problems I think I have found the brand of saddle I want to sell.  Thank you Boz!

Sandy Terp