The top 1% Riders all do these things – How many do you use in your riding program? 


  1. Flexible trees
  2. Forward hung stirrups
  3. Forward performance seats
  4. Stirrups hung in front of cinch
  5. Bulkless rigging higher up
  6. V- Style stirrup leathers 
  7. No hobbling of stirrup leathers
  8. Sponge comfort bars to fit any horse
  9. Forward slant horns
  10. Ride on their feet not their seat
  11. Never grab horns
  12. Never rubberband feet in
  13. Ride over the elbow & shoulder, vertical not bent over
  14. Always use a martingale
  15. Always use reins with sticks
  16. Pants tucked inside riding boots
  17. 2 Bits used – Boz Snaffle & Foreman Pelham
  18. Heels down, NOT toes down
  19. Drop nosebands in front of the bits
  20. Riding leather leggings for maximum grip
  21. They ride with their toes out, NOT forward
  22. They don’t need leg wraps
  23. Never use broken snaffle bits
  24. Always use double reins, NOT single reins on a Shank style bit for maximum control
  25. Bits have drop down curb ring, non-lip pinching
  26. Train with halter bridle combo
  27. 4 ˝” snaffle rings, NOT 2”
  28. No curb straps needed
  29. Medium port, stainless steel snaffle mouth pieces
  30. Cavasans in front of jowl, not behind bits
  31. They post on the correct diagonals, NOT just go up and down
  32. They gallop with the horses head with every stride, you float your hands
  33. They have 9 balancing positions in their saddle, you have only 2
  34. They teach their horses to race barrels, you teach yours to run barrels
  35. They ride and complete Levels 3 & 4
  36. They never specialize until they pass Level 4
  37. The important point of all this, they can ride your horse, you can’t ride theirs
  38. Isn’t it time we  all learn Bozzage Performance Riding.  559-542-1269