The Boz Bucking Dummy is the only way to start a horse. I have had mine for a little over year now and I WOULD NEVER GET ON A HORSE EVER AGAIN WITHOUT PUTTING THE DUMMY ON IT FIRST -no matter how broke the client says the horse is. I have had the opportunity to put it on five horses now that have never been worked with ranging from yearlings to a four year old. These horse were more balanced, quieter, willing, and just more mature overall after the dummy rode them for a couple of months before I ever attempted to get on. Most of the time I would put the dummy on these horses and then go out and ride my broke horse, or clean stalls, or go do laundry and that dummy would ride the heck out of them for hours. The best part is that the dummy takes a beating and not my body. I am only 25 and I have been the bucking dummy for every trainer I have worked for Ė NEVER AGAIN.

I have also had the opportunity to put the dummy on horses that were "broke" and horses that came from ranch sales that had 60 to 90 days training on them. I still have not gotten on theses horses yet and I canít believe somebody was actually riding them when I canít even put the pants on the horse let alone mount the dummy in full tact. The bottom line is that the Boz Bucking Dummy has paid for itself ten times over with fewer trips to the medicine cabinet for pain killers and even fewer trips to the emergency room. Because lets face it, its not when you get hurt on one of theses big dumb animals who wake up every morning trying to kill themselves or someone, its how bad you get hurt.

Becky Amio