From: "Linda Bettner" <>
To: <>
Subject: THANK YOU!

Boz, when I was researching saddles for one that would fit my wide Quarter Horse and one that wouldn't slip from side to side, I KNEW I found what I was looking for in your Boz Saddle.  Now that I have it and have ridden in it for many rides, I am SURE that I made a wise choice.  I can ride all day and my legs and knees don't hurt.  When my friends are getting tired and want to turn back, I'm still wanting to keep going.  (of course, they have regular saddles!!!..not a Boz).  My horse seems to enjoy the light saddle as well.  There are many options that can be added to a Boz Saddle and I am SO glad that you talked me into the pony ring.  I figured I could just unscrew it if I didn't want it...BUT, I have found that it is a wonderful "handle" when carrying the saddle.  I am pushing 60, I have arthritis in my thumbs and the pony ring is a life saver because it makes it so easy to put the saddle on and take it off.
Thanks Boz for your saddle and all the knowledge that you have so graciously shared with me.
Linda Bettner