Linda Beymer 7-31-06 - typed version for easier reading:


   I waited quite a while to write you about my Boz saddle.  I wanted to do a lot of serious riding first.  Now I have & I want to tell you that, I think I'm in love.  For many years I've changed saddles & bought a dozen new pads.  I even had a custom mule tree saddle made. Not cheap. Nothing fit.  I was really concerned about spending this much money again on a saddle that I knew nothing about.  But I had a strong feeling that this was the one.  Yea!  It is.

   My dun mule Georgia has always been on the lazy side when we ride out alone.  I ride her in the Boz & she walked out so strong it was exciting.  Not a jig & nothing silly, but a head & ears up I feel good walk.  Wonderful.

   Now my brown mule Tess, is small (13.2) & my 1st. love.  The perfect grandma mule.  Very smooth.  She out of a Peruvian Paso mare.  But she is small.  So, to ride her a lot of hours kind of worried me.  I took her to the mountains with friends on bit horses.  We took a wrong turn & ended up doing 18 miles in pretty tough country.  She never broke a sweat except under the saddle & the pattern was perfect.  It took us 6 hours & she was still walking strong & the best part for me was, I wasn't tired!  Before I was wore out by 4 hours. 

   Then I took her to eastern Oregon to a friends ranch.  We gathered cattle 7 hours straight & she & I , we both were going strong.  We did the same thing later in the week & it was great.  Two days or so after I do these long rides I test her back to see if she's sore.  Not one flinch.

   I've been changing saddles for so many years & nothing worked.  My mules were sore backed & I was exhausted.  Not now!  Thanks Boz Saddles!


Linda Beymer