January 6, 2004


Hi John,

I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU. I have had my Boz saddle for about 11/2 years and my horse Ranger and I couldnít be happier. My friend recommended the Boz to me because Ranger was having major back issues with my other endurance saddle and I was having problems with my knees.

The first time I used my Boz was at an endurance ride. I know. How crazy is that? They say never use anything new during a competition ride. Well I did. I received my Boz on Friday afternoon, threw it in the trailer, and off to the ride we went. When we arrived at the ride, I saddled up Ranger just to see how my new Boz fit, and to adjust the stirrup length. We rode around for a 1/2 hour.

The next morning we were off. The terrain was very mountainous and rocky. Ranger did GREAT! No more sore back. It was as though we had used the Boz forever, and it fit like a glove. As for me, I could not have been more comfortable. We had such a great day!

The Boz is such a natural fitting saddle that I have even used it on my old saggy backed quarter horse, with out so much as a tail swish. I just canít say enough about how much I love my Boz. I guess it will be pretty obvious when you see how much Iíve used it.

Thanks again for making such a phenomenal saddle. Natalie Muzzio and Ranger

Email:  nmuzzio@usa.net