Hello, My name is Bob Hopkins. I recently purchased a boz saddle Kit.  I was very pleased with what i received. At first I concerned it would be hard and time consuming. I watched the video and realized that it was very easy to put together, and well explained in the video.  Anytime I had a question or concern, it was very easy to find the answer by going back and watching that section of the video.  When it came time to build the saddle it only took about two hours, and i was very confident everything was together right when I was done.  While i was putting the saddle together that all the products including the leather were the best quality.  The design and overall construction of the saddle was very strong, and well put together.  One of the best quality about the saddle is the people i bought if from.  Everything was what John explained it to be and was very honest.  I want to thank John and Ann very much for making everything about the sale so easy, and

Thank You,

                                                                  Robert Hopkins