Past Featured Saddles

" The Starr" Boz Springflex Barrel Racing Saddle is built for speed, comfort and security for Barrel Racing or any speed event.  It is comfortable if you just want to trail ride.  Check out the border stamping , its a small star like stamp.  This saddle has racing cups on the rear points, and it is light weight.


      "The Sandy" This Saddle is an Ultimate Slick Fork with a pleasure seat.  It is done in Black Leather with the Silver package on the saddle and breast collar.  It has Thigh rolls for security and laced Performance Stirrups

The Hamill Saddle  is a Performance Swell Fork Saddle with a Bronze Horn.   It has the Square Rear Skirts and Western Stirrup Leathers  with border stamping.   Click to enlarge to see the special stamping #9 was chosen.  This saddle is done in Light Brown leather .  See samples above for color choices and stamping.           Simba, Boz's cat checks out the custom Breast Collar and Back Cinch .  They have the special border stamping to match the saddle.  

 Freeland Performance saddle with a rough out seat.  It also has a Deluxe Breast collar along with a Back lined cinch.  It has the silver package option and special stirrups with silver.            

For orderding please see Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

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