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Boz Original Balance Ride Springflex SaddlesTM  Since 1970


 THE ORIGINAL FLEXIBLE SADDLE TREE  The only patented flex tree saddle

US PATENT # 5,101,614








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 " The NEW Race Trainer Saddle at 14 lbs" 

 You can have either a removable sheepskin seat or removable leather seat.  They Velcro on or off.  You can interchange them for the type of riding you plan to do.  A Performance seat can be added or removed any time.  You can attached a horn with 4 bolts at any time for Barrel Racing or any type of event that needs a horn or you can ride it without a horn for endurance or trail.  Your choice.  The Leather Sponge Bars make it so

you don't even need a pad!  Call or email today and see all the options you can get with the New Boz Race/Trainer Saddle.  Starts at:  $1495.00 (Special introductory offer) (Now as of 2-4-18 includes stirrupsRACE TRAINER SADDLE WORK SHEET

Click here for more information:  Race Trainer Saddle

Click here to see the NEW RENT TO OWN AGREEMENT (ONLY OFFERED ON THE RACE TRAINER SADDLE) Rent to Own sample agreement

This shows a Lime Green Racer Trainer with the larger seat in rough out.          





Boz Original Balance Ride Springflex Barrel Racing Saddles

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE “THE #1’’ BARREL RACING SADDLE IN THE WORLD                                                          

In fact we can prove it is the only barrel racing saddle in the world.

If there was a saddle that fit so perfect to any horse that you put it on, and is the only Barrel Racing Saddle in the world that uses no saddle pad, that’s right no saddle pad, because it is all built into the saddle for racing. Proving to be the only saddle in the world with a United States Patent # 5101614, that fits in the static and dynamic motion, no other saddle in the world can do it. We have been doing it for over 35 years in the endurance racing world of 100 mile races, and not one customer ever had a sore backed horse in all those 35 years. This new Barrel Racing Saddle is so scientifically designed it will change your life forever by giving you more Speed, Balance, Security, Agility, and Control, than any saddle ever built. We can prove that it is truly the only Barrel Racing Saddle ever built for racing and nothing will come close, you will see. Our Original Balance Ride Saddles have won over 375 World Championships, over 345 more than any saddle ever built. The only saddle used by the top 1% riders in the World for the past 75 years.  Would you consider changing saddles?  Then call me and learn the 3 secrets to becoming a World Champion, because we have been doing it better than anyone for the past 75 years. There is a major problem, you can’t argue with the laws of physics it is impossible to fit a rigid object to a moving object, unless you just like to argue. So if that is true your rigid saddle doesn’t fit your moving horse period, that’s right your rigid saddle doesn’t fit your moving horse and it doesn’t matter if you use a 10 star pad which is 2 times better than a 5 star pad. If your saddle needs a pad it’s because your saddle doesn’t fit, period. Let’s start using saddles that fit and saddles that are really designed to race, because what you are using now doesn’t even come close and they haven’t come close for over 35 years. It’s time to become a leader not a follower, let us help you become the best you can be.       559-542-1269,  bozsaddlery, BOZ                                                                                           



If your saddle needs a pad, its because your saddle doesn't fit.  The New Boz Springflex Barrel Racing Saddle, being the  most scientific designed and built Barrel  Racing Saddle  in the World has never had to use one yet. 


Bozzage Performance Barrel Racing School

Finally learn how to Race barrels NOT Run barrels – There is a HUGE difference between the 2, that no one has ever taught UNTIL NOW!

We ride on our FEET not our SEAT! And it is the footwork that counts, proving that it is 80% Rider and 20% Horse in any Discipline

Click here for Flyer page only:         Becky Flyer for FB 



 1.    Horses right hind lead foot way up towards girth & riders heels down and toes out, in the riders grove and she is looking to the next barrel.  2.    Here she is riding the horse not the seat, no rubber band feet - no high cantle, and no death grip on a horn.  This is barrel racing, NOT WESTERN PLEASURE!  So learn to ride the horse, NOT the SEAT.....
3.    Look how she is attached to the horse in the riders grove, heels down and her rigid calves against the horse for maximum grip.  In counterfeit saddles they ride with their legs out like CHICKEN WINGS and with no leg grip from the knees to the ankle, that's why they need to rubberband their feet - high cantle and the famous death grip on the horn or they fall off.  4.    Looking at the horses right hind foot again, going to the girth, rider is up and riding the horse not the seat, 2 handed guiding is about 95% more effective than 1 hand guiding and running into barrels. 
5.    Hind end of horse is doing a smaller circle than the front end, he is always in the correct lead to every barrel and in the correct lead coming out from a barrel.  Again the rider is up off the horse and looking to the next barrel.  6.    Again her heels are down and toes out not like other riders with flat feet or in most cases, toes down, not much leg grip in either.  Toes have to be OUT to get maximum grip with your calves in the riders groove. 
7.    This Bareback Racing Saddle will teach you how to ride, even if you think you can.  At no time is Becky ever in trouble with SPEED, BALANCE, SECURITY, AGILITY or CONTROL, in this racing saddle.  The big secret here is , you can't ride like this in any other saddle, PERIOD!  Train in my BOZ BAREBACK , then race in the BOZ BALANCE RIDE SADDLE!!  Use my BOZ CONTROL PACKAGE and I can teach you how to become a CHAMPION in any discipline through my BOZZAGE PERFORMANCE RIDING SCHOOL.    Call me- 559-542-1269

Boz  Treeless Bareback Racing Saddles -   Boz  Treeless Bareback with adjustable cantle Basic start at:  $1995.00 (with a cantle $2495.00) Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures


“A WOODEN saddle tree only fits a WOODEN HORSE!”

These Barrel Racing Saddles come complete, ready to ride.  They come with stirrups, Boz Super Cinch and cover, 1 pair Sponge Comfort Bars, Boz Breast Collar, Boz Custom Horse Pad w/3/4" inserts (your choice of color), Choice of Border Stamping (see options), Choice of leather color (see options), Latigos, Stirrup Leathers, Choice of Flat or Performance Seat.

The Boz Sport Ultra Light Barrel Racer

  # 1a  (With Brown Tree) (SPECIAL  PRICE $2815.00 -  normally $2955.00       or      #1b  (With Red Tree)   These can come in an assortment of colors to match your racing colors!  18 pounds  ( price without pony ring)

1c  (Brick Red Tree) $3295.00    This saddle has added upgraded options of:   1 1/2" Engraved Aluminum Racing Stirrups, Deluxe Breast collar with border stamping, and Black Leather sponge comfort bars and a Performance seat.

1d (Brick Red Tree) ($3600.00) This saddle is also done in Black Leather but with a new designed stamp pattern by our Granddaughter Geneva.  This saddle is called the Geneva Saddle.  Note the stamping is on the saddle, breast collar and back cinch. The saddle has a deep dish pleasure seat for you barrel racers that want a deeper seat.  The Geneva saddle is like you are riding on top of the world.              This picture shows the Deluxe Breast Collar and Back Cinch.  These pictures were taken on top of Dome Rock overlooking the Kern Canyon and you can see "The Needles" in the background.

These 2 pictures show the difference with the pleasure seat (left) and performance seat (right).


The Geneva has an added back cinch for $325.00 plus $75.00 stamping.  Total price $400.00 for back cinch with stamping.


These pictures show some of the colors you can get your Barrel Racing saddle in.  We also can create a special color for you at an extra charge. Bone Brick RedTurquoisGreenBrownRedBlackBlack no horn



  #2c Genuine Boz Barrel Racing Stamp.  Click on picture to enlarge.  This Boz Barrel Stamp will give your the assurance that you own a Genuine Boz Original Balance Ride "Springflex Barrel Racing Saddle"  Also hand signed by Boz for quality control & excellance. 


These saddles have the added option of:  Western stirrup fenders with border stamping.



 Finally NO MORE shoulder pinching  -  loin rubbing or bridging   *******  Plus 95% more Balance and Security *******  Riding a BOZ makes you a “WINNER “  The most scientific designed Barrel Racing Saddles ever built 30 New advantages to help you  “WIN”  Patent # 5,101,614

Click here to see what makes The Boz Saddle different and superior to any other saddle made.  Learn how it can make you a better rider, a safer rider and a kinder rider to your horse. 

30 Reasons a Boz Saddle is for you and your horse

Boz Patented  Springflex Saddle Trees

Red swell fork and Brown Slick Fork



Boz Flexible Springflex Airflow Saddle Trees:  They come in most colors and either a Swell fork (the black tree in the middle  or a Slick Fork (the brown on the left and the grey on the right).  The swell accepts a horn and the slick doesn't.

   This picture shows the front view and the difference of a swell fork and a slick fork.  Red on left is a swell fork and the brown tree on the right is a slick.

ALL SADDLE TREES COME IN:  Bone, Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Pink or we can create a different color just for you. 



This short video shows how the Boz Tree flexes.  

  Rigging a Boz Saddle          *Shows the proper placement of the Bozzage saddle   BOZ  FLEXIBLE SADDLES   


This shows how to adjust your stirrup leather length, it is a very important step in the Boz Saddle.  Click here:  Stirrup Leather adjustment


" Boz Treeless Bareback Racing Saddle - From Barrel Racing to 100 mile racing - This Saddle was Specially Designed by Boz to Teach you "How to Ride, even IF you think you can.  It will make any Rider 95% better and that's a Guarantee!

Boz  Treeless Bareback Racing Saddles -   Boz  Treeless Bareback with adjustable cantle Basic start at:  $1995.00 (with a cantle $2495.00) Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

The Boz Treeless Bareback is so secure it can be used for anything , even JUMPING! 

     Click on this picture for larger view.

Becky is training her 13.2 POA Pony to jump.  Notice the background fence is 5 1/2'.  She is riding on her feet not her seat, her shoulders are in line directly over her feet and behind the elbow of the horse.  From her knee to her ankle, her cannon bone is vertical, her heels are down and her toes are turned out so she can grip the barrel of her horse with her calves for maximum security right behind the elbow of the horse.  Never back under her hip.  In this position she can change to any lead I ask for in midair over the top of the jump before she hits the ground and heads to the next fence.  Like I always say, "This saddle will teach you how to ride, even though you think you can!"


Check out this video:  It shows Becky Amio a student of Bozzage that now lives and trains in South Dakota.  This horse only has 20 rides and Becky uses the Bozzage method and training gear to achieve this.       Also check out this video with Becky in  2012 on the Boz Bareback Saddle and just 60 rides 
 rides on this horse. 


Eleanor Caudle

This is Eleanor Caudle with her horse Boeagle.     She is riding in the Boz Bareback Saddle.  Eleanor is a fairly new student to Bozzage.  She has attended 1 Bozzage clinic and has come up this past summer (2015) every 2 weeks for private training.  Please see below pictures and text from her email on her experience teaching Bo to jump. 

Dear Boz and Ann, Merry Christmas (email dated 12/24/15)

I'm getting ready for the cross country clinic this Sunday Monday, that is if the trailer doesn't get stuck in the mud on the way out.  I have been slowly raising the jumps up.  Boeagle refused once, and it was a really cool experience, because of my leg position, it was pretty much a no fuss slide stop, with zero loss of security, but of course it was a prop stop as Bo couldn't exactly keep moving forward into the jump.  It was a stop that I've seen many a rider go flying over the horses head..


  This Bareback was made for a customers 3 year old granddaughter, she has the adjustable cantle to give her more security.  It fits her pony great.  Patti also ordered stirrup leathers for her self and she can exchange the smaller stirrup leather for the regular size and puts on her regular size horse . 


A BIG CONGRATS OUT TO CHERI BRISCO ON HER AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE WORLD OF ENDURANCE 2013 and now 2014.  She has both our Boz Bareback Saddle and The Boz Trail Saddle with the fleece seat.  She rides both of our saddles but thinks she really likes the Boz Bareback the best.  Please see below what she did in 2013 and Click here Testimonials and then scroll down to the  Endurance sections of Testimonials,  to see what she has done in the past years.

Cheri Brisco does it again:    2013 Christmas card brings another great year for Cheri.  1660 miles in 2013.  1st Jim Jones Stallion Award, 1st National Mileage Championship Senior Division, 1st award for Bill Stuckey, 1st Pac S.W. Feather weight.  This was done all in the Boz Bareback Saddle and Boz Trail Saddle.  See her quote in AERC News, thanking Boz for making saddles that fit so well. 

Again in 2014 she wins the Jim Jones Stallion Award.  Big Congrats to Cheri!!!!!!!!!!!



1.    2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.  

9.   10.   11.   12.   13.  14. 15. 16.  Boz Bareback pads for the Boz Bareback 

Replace pads for Boz Bareback: 

$135.00 - Replacement Jockey pad

$185.00 - Replacement Wool Felt pad

 17.  Cantle bag for Boz Bareback

18.    19.     20.  These 5 pictures are of a custom Boz Bareback going to AERC convention 2016.  It has custom stamping on the saddle.  Click on pictures for a larger view. 


  If I "Xander"  can ride a Boz Bareback, so can you.  "Got Draft?"  American Cream , That is!        Annie with her American Cream Draft horse "Curly" with her Boz Bareback - "The Perfect Ride"

 Click here to see more info, testimonials and pictures of the Boz Bareback saddle Bareback Saddle


  Boz Alum. horns.  Click here to see horns and prices Boz Horns

Boz R/Tsaddles start at:  $1495.00 Create your saddle to fit your style of riding, your pocket book and the .options that you want.  Kit Saddles start at $1995.00, Bareback Saddles start at $1995.00 all other saddles start at:  $2495.00.  Then add your options to make it your way

Saddle worksheets:   Click here to see all worksheets - pictures and without pictures   Boz Saddles Worksheets   If you would like to order one of these saddles, please print out a saddle worksheet.   There are 4 different worksheets depending on type of saddle you would like to order.  Kit saddle worksheet, Saddle worksheet (we put together), Bareback saddle worksheet

Click here for  New saddles available in 4 weeks:    New Saddles in stock - Express orders

See our new and easy Boz Saddle Kit Click here for info on  BOZ KIT SADDLES

Here are 2 purple tree kit saddles.  The one on the left is a slick fork with thigh rolls and 3" stirrup leathers, the one on the right is a swell fork with western stirrup fenders      


See other Saddles 

 See other Boz Gear and Tack 12  & 13 Piggly Pines Ranch/Boz Saddlery Shop   Info on Bozzage Training          Piggly Pines

ALL SADDLE TREES COME IN:  Bone, Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Pink or we can create a different color just for you. 

We will start with the basic Boz Trail Fleece Saddle or Kit saddle:  Swell and Slick fork trees (kits start at $1995.00) We put together (start at $2495.00 Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures  

 New Race Trainer Saddle (special introductory offer (limited time only) $1295.00 (Now as of 1-10-18 $1395.00)  Click here for more information:  Boz Race Trainer Saddle Page

These saddles come in different colors and you can go from Barrel Racing to Endurance   1.   2.  3. This Bone Saddle is set up for Endurance with added strap eyes and hardware.  No pad is needed so it keeps the heat off the back.  Bone saddle off to San Diego, CA

  This Race Trainer Saddle is set up for barrels with a horn and no frills for added weight.  Again no pad is needed.  4. 5. 6.   

7.   8.  Same saddle as above but horn removed and ready for Endurance.  Either with the leather seat or Sheepskin Seat.  This saddle is off to Lakeport, CA

This Race Trainer Saddle is set up for barrels and with a Gear Bronze Horn.  This Race Trainer is done in Brown Leather with a Brown Tree.            This saddle is off to Oklahoma

These Race Trainer Saddles below are shown for either Endurance Riding/Racing or Barrel Racing.  You can take the horn off and on in minutes!  The Pink Saddle is off to Australia and the Purple Saddle is off to Idaho.  We donate $50.00 to the Breast Cancer Society for every pink saddle sold.  Please note the different between the performance speed racing seat and the pleasure seat.  You can change out the  seats in minutes also. 

Pink saddle with performance speed racing seat, purple saddle with flat pleasure seat.  Each have the Pebble grip horn.      Pleasure seat in the purple   Performance speed racing seat in the pink

        Same saddle with pleasure on the left and performance on the right      Same saddles as above but horns removed and trail stirrups on for trail riding.      Performance seat on left and pleasure seat on the right.

ABoz Trail|Endurance Flexible Tree Saddle    BBoz Trail|Endurance Flexible Tree Saddle A & B  Swell  or Slick fork English cut

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.   7.   8.    9.   10.   

11a.   11b.  11 a&b show a trail saddle with a pleasure seat (flat) , alum. horn and pony ring.   12 a   12b   12c   customer sent a saddle bag for us to match the color.

13. This shows a purple slick fork with pleasure seat, western cut sheepskin, thigh rolls and 4" Trail stirrups. 

This is what you  can have done to your kit to upgrade it to a Sport Agility Barrel Racing Saddle with an interchangeable horn.   Nancy has chosen a Post Dally Polished horn on the upgrade but she can select a pebble grip Barrel Racing horn and in 5 minutes change it. 

Before (6 year old Kit)    After (Sport Agility Barrel Racing Saddle with Post Dally Horn)   See her comments regarding her saddle upgrade , please click here:  Nancy Paschall testimonial 2016


  Shows all the different styles of stamping and they are numbered     Shows the different colors of leather.  Click here to see the different stamping and leather colors you can have for your custom Boz Saddle 


Mountain Racer - basic saddle with sheepskin seat and covered pommel and rear points - (Basic starts at:  $2495.00)                 This Mountain Racer is a Swell fork without a horn.  It has a performance seat and 4" Trail stirrups.  This saddle is in Medium Brown Leather

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.  Click here to see the many options that this Mountain Racer has.  Mountain Racer Williams saddle

Sport Agility - basic saddle with a leather seat upgrade. The pommel and the cantle on these saddle are not covered.

Boz Barrell Racing Flexible Tree SaddleSport Agility/Swell fork                       Boz Gymkana|Rodeo Horse Racing Flexible Tree Saddle Sport Agility/Slick fork with thigh rolls (Basic start $2495.00)  Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

Swell fork Sport Agility Saddles

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9. 

10.11.   12.  13.  14.   15.   16.   17.   18.  

19.     20.    21.      (This saddle only weighs 18 lbs.) 22.   23.

Slick fork Sport Agility Saddles

1.  2.  3.  4.    5.  6.  7.


Ultimate - Basic Start at:  $2495.00 - basic saddle with a leather seat, covered pommel and rear points.  Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

 Boz Mounted Shooting| Cattle Penning Flexible Tree Saddle  Ultimate Pleasure Trail  Swell Fork 

1.   2.    3. .  4.    5.   6.   7.   8.   9.  10. 

11.  13.   14.   15.   16.  17.  18.Boz Cattle Penning|Rodeo Horse Racing|Mounted Shooting|Working Cow Horse| Flexible Tree Saddle    19.  


     Ultimate Pleasure Trail Slick Fork - Black and Natural Leather with Western stirrups fenders, with thigh rolls and without. 

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.   7.  8. 




 The BOZ  Sport Ultra Light Barrel Racer (Basic start $2495.00) Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

1Boz Barrell Racing Flexible Tree Saddle  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    10    11   12


Performance Saddles - same as The Ultimate, but with 2 more upgrades. 1.  Square or full round rear skirts.  2.  Western style stirrup leathers instead of 3" stirrup leathers.  Click here for more Performance saddles Boz Performance Swell Fork Saddle with Horn

G.Boz Reining Saddle|Cutting Saddle|Roping Saddle Flexible Tree Saddle   Performance Saddle Basic Start at:  $4525.00  Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

   H.Boz Reining Saddle|Working Cow Horse Saddle|Flexible Tree Saddle  Performance Roper  This shows the square rear skirts    This shows a wrapped horn.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.     

Performance Specialty  Saddles - Same as The Performance but a little fancier.  Silver package - conchos, Breast collar and Stirrups

The Weatherby.    The Freeland     The Bonelli     The Pearce    The Amio    The Lynn   The Hamill  The Hamill with a wrapped horn      Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures  

  Rigging a Boz Saddle          *Shows the proper placement of the Bozzage saddle   BOZ  FLEXIBLE SADDLES   

Click here to see the youtube video on how to place and rig our saddles.  It is also a video that shows our gear and how it works.


How to adjust your Stirrup to the correct length.  This is a very important adjustment.  Click Here:  Stirrup Leather adjustment

Boz Pack Saddle and Boz Pack Boxes

Boz Pack Saddle with pack boxes Pack Saddle Our pack saddle is made the same as our Boz riding saddles. They come with the velcro and sponge comfort bars. They give your pack animal the same comfort and flexibility as your Boz saddle with its Boz Spring Flex saddle tree. We make pack boxes that are light weight and have the same strength as our saddle trees. They come in different colors and with a slot for the ropes to fit in so they don't slip.

Boz Featured Saddles This link will take you to past featured saddles.   

New for 2015  -  2 Styles - Cold Weather 0 to 60 degrees or Hot Weather 65 to 115 Degrees

Click on pictures below to enlarge and then when the little + sign appears click to enlarge again, this will explain about the Patented Boz Flexible Airflow Spring Flex Trees - Red swell fork  and Brown slick fork,  and the Boz Sponge comfort bars that velcro on the bottom of the saddles since 1992. Boz New Leather covered Pads with Nasa Foam


New Boz Removable Velcro Wedge System:     No longer has to have a set of Sponge bars with wedges, now you can velcro the wedges on and off when you need them for a certain horse.  Click here to see how it works Boz Velcro Wedge System  Sponge bars 1" velcro both sides $210.00 per set.  Different thickness sponge bars vary with size, they come in 1/2" , 3/4", 1" .  We suggest you start with 1" sponge bars on your saddle  and 3/4" in our  Custom horse pad.    Wedges are $150.00 per set with velcro on both sides - We suggest you start with 1/2" wedges, they also come in 3/4", 1".  Velcro patch:  $50.00 per set  With your 1st set you receive a spatzula for easy removal of the Sponge Bars.

 These show the incased NASA foam pad and the NASA foam with the sheepskin on the bottom(sheepskin sponge bars no longer available only leather, fully covered and the leather covered    Leather covered sponge bars:  $350.00.    

How too:

Attaching sponge comfort bars.  They must be touching down the center to protect the spine.

Boz Pads for the Boz Saddle - Boz Pads - These pads are especially designed for the Boz saddle with Nasa Foam Inserts.


Click here to see what makes The Boz Saddle different and superior to any other saddle made.  Learn how it can make you a better rider, a safer rider and a kinder rider to your horse. 

30 Reasons a Boz Saddle is for you and your horse 

Options and Accessories:


 Compass and Thigh rolls on a slick fork saddle    Ponyring     Breast Collars  Regular:  $150.00.  Deluxe:  $220.00 Regular 3/4" on the left and Deluxe on the Right.     New 1" Breast Collar.    New Deluxe Breast Collar with fancy conchos and buckles.  Click here for more picture of different Breast Collars Breast Collars

Stirrups that we offer, Click here to see stirrups and prices Stirrups     Boz Alum. horns.  Click here to see horns and prices Boz Horns Back cinch and Deluxe Breast Collar in Black and Mahogany   Boz Special Tapaderos, Deluxe Breast Collar and Back Cinch

The Wilhelm Saddle -  This Boz Saddle is an Ultimate saddle with Western style stirrup leathers, Special Boz Tapaderos with Leather treads and Silver Conchos , Deluxe Breast Collar, Deluxe Boz Back Cinch.  It has our Barbwire stamp on the borders.  These pictures show Boz hand sewing the cantle of the saddle and sewing the backcinch.  This saddle is on its way to Michigan to our customer.  This is her 2nd Boz Saddle.  Click on the pictures to enlarge and see the detailing.  


Boz Bits - Foreman Pelham Bit $125.00/Boz/Foreman Combo $175.00 and Boz Custom Snaffle $200.00 (ASK ABOUT OUR NEW)

 BOZ BASIC CONTROL PACKAGE guaranteed to give 95% more control than anything ever built or used on a horse or mule, 

$550.00 value for only $400.00 -  Includes the following 4 items when bought as a package  These 2 pictures show the new conway buckles

1.   Leather headstall (machine stitched) $125.00

2.   18", 24", or 30" reins with sticks $175.00

3.    Martingale $50.00

4.    Boz snaffle  $200.00 

  Call now and order.  559-542-1269 - New Rent to Own Control Package offer, $200.00 down and 6 equal payments (no interest)


                       Close up
Handmade Leather Headstalls Headstalls GoGo with Boz Basic Control Package -  Black Split reins with sticks  no snaps with tassles for slobber straps, Leather slobber straps - OPTIONS -   Leather drop noseband  &  Cavasan attachments GoGo with Boz Custom Handtied Halter Bridle Combo  (You may purchase this  at 1/2 price along with the Basic Control package $25.00 a $50.00 value) Also shown is Split reins with sticks and snaps (instead of tassles)

Above pictures of GoGo shows the control package with the added options of the Boz Custom drop noseband and Cavasan.  These are NOT included in the Basic control package.  The Drop noseband $100.00 , and the Cavasan  $75.00 when purchased with the control package.  These items are  for the more serious horseman who are trying to achieve the Ultimate performance. 

Bo with the Boz Control Package and  with the new Boz leather drop noseband (for even more control for all those advanced moves) - $100.00     Click on picture to enlarge.  This will show you the Foreman bit .

  Tulip with the new Boz noseband

                                                    See other Boz Gear and Tack  


13   Piggly Pines Ranch/Boz Saddlery Shop See more pictures

Western Show Saddles custom made with the best leather and materials by the famous John "BOZ" Bozanich.

Boz innovated the flexible tree saddle, solid tree saddle, and treeless saddle. AT Boz Saddlery, we take pride in our show saddles. All saddles are hand built and of the highest quality. We have patented the flexible tree saddle. Take a look at our products and the information about our business. Here s why you should choose a Boz saddle. Not only is it built with quality, but it gives you a new level of versatility.  

                Custom Saddle Maker                                              Boz Western Show Saddle

                 Monte Foreman Book                                         Boz Profile

  *See in the above picture of the horse, the proper placement of the Bozzage Saddle.  The stirrups are hung straight down from the pommel and behind the elbow of the horse.  And keep it there with your breast collar.

Non-original owners pay a 20% surcharge on all repairs, replacement parts, saddle related items and upgrades.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Call for current prices 559-542-1269

The most scientifically designed and built "SADDLES" and "TRAINING GEAR" in the world.  There has been enough talk....isn't it time to put it in "RIDING?"  Think about it, you have to have a BOZ SADDLE because you love your horse.  Boz saddles are built on Genuine BOZ SPRING FLEX AIR FLOW RELAX FIT WITH MEMORY SADDLE TREES in the style of the Monte Foreman Balance Ride Saddles only on a Boz flexible saddle tree.



Click here to see what makes The Boz Saddle different and superior to any other saddle made.  Learn how it can make you a better rider, a safer rider and a kinder rider to your horse. 

30 Reasons a Boz Saddle is for you and your horse 

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Boz Used Monte Foreman Balanced Ride Saddles

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