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Design your own BOZ SADDLE Boz Saddle Worksheet -
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Print this saddle worksheet and design your own personal Boz Saddle. There are more options available, if you need help please call John and he will be happy to help you, 559-542-1269 When complete fax or email order form to us.

PERFORMANCE SADDLES - price may vary per options  See Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures

  1. Black and Brown Special Order The Performance Saddle
    A. Two tone leather Black & Brown
    B. Performance seat placing you right behind the withers not on the loin.
    C. Forward hung stirrups not forward slung stirrups like all other cutting saddles.
    D. Comfortable forward sloped gear bronze horn.
    E. Medium rounded skirts so they don't dig into the horses loin.
    F. 1 1/2" performance stirrups.
    G. Interchangeable sponge comfort bars or pads to fit all of your horses.
    H. Boz Patented Springflex Air Flow saddle trees. This is the saddle of saddles.
  2. Performance Roper with #5 Post Dally Horn.  Border stamping, western stirrups fenders, full cover leather laced stirrups, back cinch and  pony ring.  View 1     View 2 (Close up of #5 post dally horn)
  3. Performance Saddle with Mahogany covered swells and skirts.  Black seat, western stirrups fenders and leg jockey's.  Black and Mahogany rear cinch, 3" pleasure bone stirrups with lacing and gear bronze horn. 
  4. Close up view of the Black and Mahogany Back Cinch and Deluxe breast collar.
  5. These 4 pictures show a Performance Swell fork saddle in natural leather with a Aluminum horn, western stirrup leathers, Bone laced Performance stirrups, Back Cinch and Silver conchos.
  6. The next 7 pictures shows a Performance Swell fork ROPER  saddle with Western stirrup leathers,3" Pleasure laced stirrups, Deluxe Breast collar, Wrapped roping horn, Silver conchoes, Barbwire border stamping and back cinch.
  7. These 4 pictures show a Performance saddle with Aluminum Horn and Western stirrup fenders.
  8. This is a the Freeland Performance saddle with a rough out seat.  It also has a Deluxe Breast collar along with a Back lined cinch.  It has the silver package option and special stirrups with silver.         


 10.  The Hamill Saddle is a Performance Saddle in Light Brown leather  with a Bronze horn, western stirrup leathers, special stamping #9 on stamping sample page,            Deluxe Breast Collar and Back Cinch                                                                                               


  1. Boz Pony Ring Boz Pony Ring The Boz Pony Ring lets you pony your horses safely.
  2. These pictures show the options for a wrapped horn

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