These pictures shows the New Boz Velcro removable wedge system.  These sponge bars are in the new Granite looking sponge bars.  They are stronger and longer lasting. 

   This shows all the parts needed for your Boz velcro removable wedge system.  Sponge bars with velcro on both sides,  your choice of thicknest.  Your wedges with velcro on both sides, again you choice of thicknest.  Velcro patch so you can velcro your wedges to the sponge bars.  Spatzula for removing sponge bars and wedges.         These show how to put on the patch and staging your wedge.        This shows that you can put the patch to front and have it as a wedge for the front of the sponge bars.

  This shows the wedges in place in the front. 

We have wedges for the rear and middle (not shown).  You have your choice of what's needed.   We will have pictures of the middle wedges and rear wedges soon.

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