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Bozzage Clinic July 2012 - What a great time was had by all.  Beautiful time of the year to be out in the Great Sequoia Monument.  Endless trails for riding and spectacular views to see.  See the pictures below. 

  Joe and Vickie listening to Boz explain the move.     BJ and Jerry are the peanut gallery this clinic.  BJ is 1 of the Fab Five and fell (not on a horse)and broke her arm a few days before the clinic.  She brought her 10 year granddaughter MacKenzie and Mac as she was called did great.  She is the one in the pink helmet.  Hiway and Mohawk watching the going ons...  Here is a picture of everyone in the meadow ready for the trail ride.  These 3 pictures were taken by Teri on her horse as they rode thru our meadow  Everyone returning from the trail

ride and getting ready to relax and enjoy the evening.  Boz and Mary taking a nap in the hammocks after lunch.  These photos were also taken by Teri, she woke up first and snapped these photos.

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