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  Boz Cattle Penning|Rodeo Horse Racing|Mounted Shooting|Working Cow Horse| Flexible Tree Saddle  This saddle shows the Boz Performance Seat, that is built up in the back half of the seat, pushing you forward over the elbows of the horse.   This saddle shows the Flat Pleasure seat .  

  These shows the Light Barrel Racer       


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For over 40 years we have strived for perfection, not tradition.  It is a scientific proven fact through physics, that it is impossible to fit a rigid object to a moving object.  So how can anyone say or guarantee that they can fit a rigid saddle tree to a moving object like your horse ?


Simple!    They can’t!


It is not open to debate, think about it!  It doesn’t and has never worked.  An  example would be, like trying to run in wooden shoes or Tennis shoes, which one would be more comfortable and faster?




Does your saddle have these items?  Yes  or  No


1. ___ Patented Tree # 5,101,614 flexes for maximum fit and comfort  - Not rigid   


Independent Laboratory Test Proved: 

    a.    You could freeze the tree down to 180 degrees below 0 and drop a 50,000 lb. weight from 20' above and the tree would not break.

    b.    They stretched the tree up to 12' long before it came apart.

    c.    They put 250 years of ultraviolet rays in 2 weeks in a special room and at 250 year mark, we finally got a crack in the tree.

    d.    The interchangeable horn pull out - They got up to 10 tons before the horn pulled out.  The strongest rope saddle made today.  The horn comes off on a wooden saddle tree at 2100 lbs. or 1 ton.  Ours is 10 tons, 9 tons stronger horn pull out.  The Boztic Saddle Tree is without a doubt the most versatile and strongest saddle tree ever built.

2. ___ Velcro bottoms - sponge comfort bars to fit all your horses - Leather or real sheepskin covered, no synthetic.    This saddle was designed to

            be ridden with no bulky horse pads, just place and go.  Velcro top and bottom for easy leveling of seat.  Front, middle and rear with velcro wedges.  On and off in 60        seconds to any horse


3. ___ Saddle weight - under 25 lbs for speed


4. ___ Live twisting motion of freedom in our trees to allow horses to run their fastest and no loin soreness.


5. ___ Saddle floats up and off the loins 1 ˝" to allow for hind end power


6. ___ Forward performance seats - behind withers and over the top of the elbow for more speed and racing.  Is the front  half of your seat lower than the back half? If it is not, you are riding too far back and you are loosing 95% of your balance and security and using way too much horn to stay on.  Roll a marble in your seat where it stops is where you are riding on your horse.  Try riding there bareback and see how long you stay on , at just a trot.   Boz Cattle Penning|Rodeo Horse Racing|Mounted Shooting|Working Cow Horse| Flexible Tree Saddle


7. ___ Forward hung (NOT SWUNG) V-style stirrup leathers for 95% more security and no loss of stirrups, floating adjustment forward or back in 1/4 inch increments , 6 inch total while you race.  We stand up and go forward to our stirrups, which are now directly under us.  You stand up and go forward ahead of your stirrups, your legs go behind you tipping you forward, loosing your balance and security. 

8. ___ 3 Way Bulk less style in skirt rigging - behind your leg, not in front - this will give you more feel to your horses leads & 95% more security. Also making the cinch location 4" back of the horses elbow.  Making it impossible to get an elbow rub from racing.  Your cinch is located straight down from the pommel and behind the elbow of the horse causing an elbow rub, also putting a lot of bulk under your leg, which causes NO LEG GRIP. 


9. ___ A tremendous amount of shoulder freedom because of the patented spring flex -airflow saddle tree.  No digging into the shoulders in the turns like a wooden rigid tree.  My tree lets them turn and burn.  This alone will help put you in the winner circle on a consistent basis, no shoulder pain and more 1st. Places.  


10 .___ All strap goods, latigos, breast collars ,etc. are all numbered for easy change out to another horse

11. ___Interchangeable horns in 5 minutes - Aluminum or Bronze, Barrel racing to Roping , Same Saddle    All traditional roping saddles the horns will pull out at 1 ton, ours is a 10 ton pull out , the strongest roping saddle in the world. 

12. ___Interchangeable rear floating  skirts - racing cups - round and square - floating skirts.   From Barrel Racer to Roper in 30 minutes change out. Same Saddle!


13.___ Water injection system for cooling horses down  85 degrees , on those hot and humid days.  No more hot thick blankets and stiff rigid saddle trees


14.___ Orthotic padded saddle seats for maximum fit & comfort for Rider.


15.___ Quality of leather is superior to any other saddle


16.___ Can add up to 30 lbs. of training weight inside the hollow tree - Sand or B B’s


17.___ Latigos are 6 ˝' both sides and numbered - to monitor your horses weight - gain or loss before it gets too far out

18.___ Specialty designed racing stirrups, will not flip over - free moving and no stirrup hobbles


19.___ Specialty designed deluxe breast collars - keeping the saddle in the riders groove behind the withers and straight up from the elbow of the horse for maximum speed and racing


20.___2 placements to hang stirrups, forward or farther forward.  a larger V which gives you a lot more security and balance.


21.___2 Stirrup length adjusters, front and rear.  Stopping the bulk build up under your leg when you stand up and go forward for maximum speed


22.___Pony Ring for maximum safety when ponying horses.  2 hands control , not 1.  4 horses at a time 



23.___Custom orthotic horse pad , designed especially for the Boz Barrel racer with 3 inserts, 1/2, 3/4 & 1" soft medium and firm. Temperature sensitive for faster barrel racing times


24.___Boz "Sit and Pour" rigid saddle tree fitting,  if that's even possible???.  but it is available.   Patent pending.  Sit in my flex tree for 3 minutes on your horse .  Let it shape to their back .  Now pour Boztic inside the hollow tree while sitting there.  Wait 5 minutes, you are done with shaping your tree.  Send it back to me and we will build your custom Boz original Balance Ride Barrel Racing Saddle on your customized Boztic Rigid Saddle Tree. 


25.___ The number 1 riders in the world use this saddle - Shouldn’t you consider it?

26.___Think this saddle is something, check out my Control Package.  This will give you 95% more control at any speed, 1/4,1/2, 3/4 Full    Foreman Pelham Bit - Boz Foreman Combo Bit  - Boz Custom Snaffle Bit - Boz Running Martingale, Boz Patented Split Reins with Sticks



27.___Bozzage Training will make you a much stronger and wiser Barrel Racer, Guaranteed!  No one teaches it. All 4 Levels Evaluation test 


28.___Check out the Boz Treeless Bareback Barrel Racing Saddle.  It will teach you how to run barrels with a lot more balance and security and without me there. 


29.___ Boz Pebble Grip TM on your Seat and stirrup leathers - It will give you 80% more grip than smooth leather. This is a big advantage for Barrel Racing  Boz Cattle Penning|Rodeo Horse Racing|Mounted Shooting|Working Cow Horse| Flexible Tree Saddle


30.____ Rough out  and Boz Pebble Grip Combo for even more grip. This saddle shows the Boz round floating skirts





 And you can even jump in it.    Testimonials on Boz Saddles   Check out this video:  It shows Becky Amio a student of Bozzage that now lives and trains in South Dakota.  This horse only has 20 rides and Becky uses the Bozzage method and training gear to achieve this.  Click here to read Melisa's Boz Bareback Testimonial  she has a Boz Kit saddle and now purchased a Boz Bareback.


Our saddles were specially designed to ride on our feet , not our seat.   Over the elbow and not in the middle of their back, To get  more speed like a jockey with no loss of security in your turns or straight-aways and also allowing you to use 2 hands to guide your horse for 50% more control, a lot more than 1 hand turning. 



Made completely in USA by Senior Citizens for over 40 years.  Thank you for your support all these years. 

 Come visit us at Boz Saddlery/Bozzage Clinics and Annie's Piggly Pines, located in the Sequoia Monument at 7200 ft. elevation.  Click here to see more.  Piggly Pines Rental Rates and Bozzage Training




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