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  NEW ITEM!!!  Annie's Custom Wine Bags.  Please click on the link for options and prices.  Start at:  $75.00 Annie Wine Bags

Boz custom handmade leather coasters.  You can have different border stamps and personalize them with an initial.  This is a sample of them below.  There are 8 coasters and come in a handmade leather holder. 

Plain with no border stamp or initial: $75.00

Border stamping and initial:  $125.00

      Click on pictures to enlarge.

Boz Tripod Stool - short or tall.  You can get them plain or with any of the stamping patterns we have for the saddles or have your name.

             These pictures are of the short stool with a border stamp.  24" tall  $100.00 plain or with border stamping:  $150.00

Tall (not showns):  36" tall $125.00 plain or with border stamping:  $175.00

Here is a Custom Boz Tripod Stool that John (Boz) made for his Golf Coach.