Boz Saddles Worksheets  - build your very own Boz Flexible Saddle

BOZ SADDLE KITS 1st of its kind in the World

Express saddle kits in only 4 weeks after receipt of your check and paperwork $2235.00 - Regular time  $1735.00

SADDLE KIT 2009  -

 Picture of the parts as you received them ready for you to put together.

The finished Boz Saddle Kit

$1735.00 - Build a Boz Flexible Fleece saddle in just a weekend. Step by step written instructions with detailed pictures.   Boz Saddles Worksheets Take pride in building your own Boz Patented saddle for the price. Build your own saddle in the morning, approximately 4 hours and be riding in the afternoon.

1. Boz flexible patent saddle Tree

2. Crupper ring & screw

3. Ground seat and screws

4. Skirts & screws&bottom screw pattern (we put this on)

5. Rear velcro points & screws

6. Latigos & rivets 5/8"

7. Stirrups leathers - (stirrups optional)

8. Sheepskin seat English or Western, velcro &screws

9. 5/8 Clip&Ds & strings

10. Footman loops

11. Leather top plate & screws

12. Velcro sponge comfort Bars " or 1" plain

13. Stirrup leather keepers with spoons


  • 1. $250.00 Horn
  • 2. 150.00 Breast collar - regular
  • 3. 75.00 Cinch
  • 4. 75.00 Stirrups
  • 5. 75.00 Color trees
  • 6. 15.00 Compass
  • 7. 95.00 Pony ring
  • 8. 10.00 Initials on leather name plate
  • 9. 30.00 Cantle bag and rings
  • 10. RBR Book & Video (no charge after we receive your order)
  • 11. Gear tape - Boz (no charge after we receive your order)
  • 12. 75.00 Sheepskin on the bottom of the sponge comfort bars
  • 13.  95.00 Performance Seat
  • See more options on worksheet

    KIT # 1

    Nancy Paschall-Huntington - Kit # 1.  This is her written testimonial.  Nancy's written testimonial


    Robert Hopkins put his saddle kit together in just 2 hours. Robert Hopkins written testimonial

    Here is another testimonial by Bob:  Bobs Testimonial and see his pictures below.

    Jeanne Aslakson lives in northern Michigan and does competitive trail rides and endurance.  Click here for her testimonial.

    David Shefrin has a Boz saddle and ordered a kit, click here for his testimonial



    Debbie Townsley has 3 different types of horses and rides them all in her Boz Saddle Kit Saddle.  Debbie Townsley written testimonial


    Sharann Derksen already has a Boz Bareback and Boz Fleece Trail saddle and now a Boz Saddle Kit saddle.  She put together her kit is 2 1/2 hours.   Sharann's written testimonial   Here are some of her pictures of her saddle and her horse: 

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