Boz Saddle Worksheet

Design your own BOZ SADDLE Boz Saddle Worksheet -
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Print this saddle worksheet and design your own personal Boz Saddle. There are more options available, if you need help please call John and he will be happy to help you, 559-542-1269 When complete fax or email order form to us.



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Boz Slick Fork Saddles


  1. Leather Horn Race Saddle Leather Horn Race
  2. Boz Fleece Trail saddle, Western Cut Sheepskin with Aluminum horn, Western stirrup fenders, 3" Pleasure Bone Stirrups and Deluxe Breast Collar - Leather dyed Mahogony.

Boz Fleece Trail Saddle, Black Swell Fork Tree, western cut sheepskin seat with Aluminum horn



  1. Mountain Racer with horn   - Swell fork saddle with interchangeable gear bronze horn.  Swells and rear points covered with border stamping on rear points.  Western cut sheepskin seat.


          SPORTS AGILITY SADDLES - Basic price and options plus add $425.00 for leather seat.

  1. "Arthur" a Friesen Stallion showing the Snow White with Black Leather Arthur Arthur is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Rick Babineau, please contact them at: 619-659-5959 or email:
  2. Arthur - another view Arthur 2
  3. The Snow White with Black Leathers now White Swell Fork with Black Leather This shows The 


  1. Swell Fork This saddle shows a swell fork with black and brown leather and no horn


  1. Sport Agility Saddle with Red tree and black leather Agility 
  2. Black Swell fork Sport Agility saddle with black leather, Aluminum horn, pony ring and 1 1/2" Bone performance stirrups.  View 1 View 2
  3. Brown Swell fork saddle with a leather seat and leather covered rear jockey's, border stamping, aluminum horn, laced stirrups and pony ring.
  4. Black Beauty Black Beauty
  5. Black Beauty for a Mule Black Beauty for a Mule This Black Beauty with the Boz Swell Fork Springflex tree is shown here on Rosebud, a beautiful mule. This saddle shown here comes with a Back Cinch and also a crupper ring.
  • ULTIMATE SADDLES - $3615.00 to $3840.00 - prices vary per options - All Ultimate saddles have covered pommels, and covered rear points.  You can get them with a horn or no horn.  See other options on worksheet. 

    1. Ultimate Saddle Ultimate
    2. Ultimate with Alum. Horn and Full Western Fenders with Performance Seat Ultimate Full Western Fenders
    3. Ultimate Swell fork Saddle in Mahogany and Black Leather.  A gear bronze horn, the swells and leg jockey's with mahogany leather and rear covered jockey's and Moccasin Seat done in black leather.
    4. Ultimate Swell Fork Saddle in Natural colored leather with western stirrup fenders, border stamp and filigree stamp, laced 3" stirrups, sponge comfort bars with sheepskin and Aluminum horn. 
    5. Close up view of a Pony ring on an Ultimate Swell fork saddle.
    6. View 2 of #36  A close up
    7. Ultimate Black and Brown Saddle Ultimate Black and Brown


    1. Ultimate with Alum. Horn and Full Western Fenders with Pleasure Seat Ultimate Pleasure
      Boz custom hand tooling on this Ultimate Pleasure Trail is exquisite to say the least. Just looking at this picture makes you want to relax and have a great time. 
    2. Ultimate with Alum. Horn with Custom Grape vines stamping Grape   This is a one of a kind, shows the specialty you can have with your personal  preference.                                                                                                                                                                                      
    3. Ultimate Swell Fork Saddle with Mahogony Leather, Bronze Horn and Western Stirrup Fenders, Pony Ring


    Boz Pony Ring Boz Pony Ring The Boz Pony Ring lets you pony your horses safely.

    1. Boz Ultimate saddle in natural leather with Tapaderos , Gear Bronze Horn and Back Cinch.
    2. These pictures show the options for a wrapped horn                                                                                                                 

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