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     Rose Miller is a Boz Saddle owner and lover and has written some books. please visit the following links for info:

    Website: www.rosemiller.net   Blog: http://anythingequine.wordpress.com/    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tygLsb9qHaE

    Horse Highways - Check out our ad, great place to find places to stay with you horses and also find trails. 

    The Mule Man - Clarence Koch offers team driving tapes and has a Boz Saddlle for riding.

    Denali Draft Horses Specializing in the "Cream Draft Horses"
    Endurance Net
    Equestrian Search Engine
    Morgan Horse.net
    American Horse Network
    Worlds Largest Single Source of Information and Services for Donkeys, Mules, & Zebra Hybrids.
    American Horsemans
    Northern Minnesota Horse Fair in Virginia, Minnesota
    The Sports-Arena - Directory of Rodeo related websites

    Keoz7.com - Shopping Vertical PortalKeoz7.com

    Horse Tack 4 U  Everything you need to know about Horse Tack!

    Zepti - search the web Web search engine

    On the Hoof On The Hoof and Equestrian website

    Carl Cappelen - Check out Ponderosa, CA. Carl and Paulette are our neighbors up at Ponderosa.  Carl has helped me more times than I can count with my computer.  He just recently helped me with the Pictures that Renee Been sent for her testimonial.  Carls website has many interesting features regarding the area up in the Sequoia Monument where we have 15 acres. Check it out and also if you need computer consultation he is the one to contact.  cappelen@ponderosaca.com

    Deb and Jim, they are located in Tennessee - They own Lake Nowhere Mule & Donkey Farm mulelady@frontiernet.net

    Horses - Horse Show Central is American's most complete horse portal, with information on shows, breeds, and all things horse related.  If it relates to horses in the USA, you will find it here.

    Best of Horses web site Best of Horses.com


Morgan Tack Shop
M. & E. Winzeler
Grabenwiese 84
8484 Weisslingen

Phone: ++41 (0)52 3840003
Fax:   ++41 (0)52 3840005
Email: info@morgantackshop.ch

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