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This shows all 3 bits available along with the Boz Custom Curb

The Monte Foreman Bits are humane, versatile & efficient, Click here to see why.

 Chain with Leather cover.     Boz Custom Snaffle Bit $200.00         Monte Foreman 5" mouth piece $125.00        Boz Foreman Combo bit 5", 3", and Snaffle ALL IN 1 BIT  $175.00     Boz Custom Curb Chain with Leather cover $34.95


Boz offer 2 basic bits.  The Boz custom snaffle and the Foreman Pelham Bit/or Boz Foreman Pelham Bit Combo

The Boz Custom Snaffle:  $200.00

Foreman Pelham Bit:  $125.00 (2 reins placement)

Boz/Foreman Pelham Bit Combo:  $175.00 (3 reins placement)

Custom Curb chain with leather cover for the Formam bits:  $34.95 (Highly recommended by Boz)

Boz custom curb chain with leather (stainless steel chain with moccasin sleeve) cover on top and Boz custom leather curb strap $47.50

The Monte Foreman Bits are humane, versatile & efficient, Click here to see why.

Boz Custom handmade Spurs $125.00 and Boz Custom handmade Snaffle Bits $200.00      

The Spurs are specially designed with 3/4" stainless steel ball, complete with leather straps.   The Boz Custom handmade Snaffle comes with a noseband attachment

GoGo with Boz Custom Handtied Halter Combo $49.95 regular, Large $54.95 and Exlarge $59.95 with the Boz Custom Handmade Snaffle Bit $200.00 

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