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New for 2015  -  2 Styles - Cold Weather 0 to 60 degrees or Hot Weather 65 to 115 Degrees


BOZ SPONGE COMFORT BARS FOR BOZ SADDLES - We only offer leather covered sponge bars for $350.00 a pair, they come in Black or Brown Leather, you need no pad when you have the leather sponge bars, thus less heat and bulk. 


NEW BOZ NEVER SLIP PADS! -    Sponge bars start at:  $210.00 per set.    Click here to see the new Boz never slip sponge bars and horse pad.  Boz Never Slip Pads Start at $240.00.   For those of you that have problems of your pad slipping, this is the solution!  Call and order or see how you can upgrade your Boz Horse pad to the new system.  559-542-1269 or email 

Boz Removable Velcro Wedge System:     No longer has to have a set of Sponge bars with wedges, now you can velcro the wedges on and off when you need them for a certain horse.  Click here to see how it works Boz Velcro Wedge System  Sponge bars 1" velcro both sides $210.00 per set.  Different thickness sponge bars vary with size.  See below  Wedges are $105.00 per set with velcro on both sides.   We suggest 1/2" wedges to start, they also come in 3/4" & 1".   Velcro patch:  $50.00 per set  With your 1st set you receive a spatzula for easy removal of the Sponge Bars.  If you buy a complete set for $240.00 (front, middle & rear comes with patches) you save.

 These show the incased NASA foam pad and the NASA foam with the sheepskin on the bottom, fully covered and the leather covered    Leather covered sponge bars (fully incased bottoms and sides):  $350.00.     Synthetic sheepskin bottom only sponge bars:  $250.00.  (not pictured Fully covered synthetic sheepskin $325.00)   Fully covered real sheepskin:  $375.00.   Prices vary on thickness of pads and different options.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


  These pictures show Boz custom deluxe sponge bars with NASA foam and  real sheepskin fully incased bottoms and sides for the Boz Saddle .  $375.00   They come in the following thicknesses:  1/2", 3/4"& 1"


   $210.00 Boz new Granite sponge bars that are stronger and lasts longer.   1" Boz Sponge Bars with  Velcro both sides:  Sponge bars come in 1/2", 3/4", 1".  Price varies with sizes.  We suggest 1" Sponge bars on Saddle and 3/4" in our Custom Horse Pad.

  This shows the new velcro patch sewn on the Leather Sponge Bars.  This has to be done at the time of ordering and you can not ride without a pad.  The patches sell for $110.00 a pair.  This picture shows the leather patch on the leather side and then the other side is the velcro that attaches to the saddle.


How too:

Attaching Boz sponge comfort bars.   They must be touching down the center to protect the spine.

How to put on Boz sponge bars:  Just start with the front of the pads 1/2" out in front of skirt - Then follow the bottom edges of the velcro on the bottom of the saddle.  Stay just above breast collar and rigging hole.  Make sure Boz Sponge Bar pads are in the center of rear points of tree .  Boz Sponge Bars will be touching just down center of saddle.  That's a GOOD THING! -  WATCH! the Kit Video. 




 This shows the difference in the regular size and large      Pads with inserts     Regular pads start at:  $240.00 and Large:  $265.00

Click here  to see more :  Boz Pads  

Please see below the patterns for the Boz Horse pads. as of:  9-25-16

Arroyo    Creek    SW Tan    SW Forest    SW Green   These are the new patterns for our pads.  All other colors are obsolete usless we happen to have them made up.

Below are the solid colors for our horse pads.  as of:  9-25-16


   Patterns (NOT ALL PATTERNS ARE AVAILABLE AS OF FEB. 2016 - CLICK ON BOZ PADS ABOVE FOR AVAILABLE PATTERNS)    Regular (round back) size pads (black) or square back pads (in patterns)  Either size come in solid or patterns

  This is a picture of the Ludlow pad with  never slip velcro that attaches to your saddle.  This color is no longer available.

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