SADDLE TREES

Finally NO MORE        1.  Shoulder pinching        2.  Loin rubbing         3.  or  Bridging    

                                             Plus 95% more Balance and Security

Riding a BOZ makes you a “WINNER “   -   especially to your HORSE!


1.    You can't argue with Physics, it is impossible to fit a rigid object to a moving object, PERIOD!

2.     Anyone who says they can is Long on WIND and SHORT on KNOWLEDGE!

3.    Because Riding your horse in a WOODEN RIGID TREE is like someone making you run a mile in WOODEN SHOES with     SPECIAL Padding.  It's just that simple and I can prove it!  "Lets Ride"  


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This short video shows how the Boz Tree flexes.  

  Rigging a Boz Saddle          *Shows the proper placement of the Bozzage saddle   BOZ  FLEXIBLE SADDLES   

Click on pictures below to enlarge and then when the little + sign appears click to enlarge again, this will explain about the Patented Boz Flexible Airflow Spring Flex Trees - Red swell fork  and Brown slick fork,  and the Boz Sponge comfort bars that velcro on the bottom of the saddles since 1992. Boz New Pads with Nasa Foam and Nasa Foam pads with sheepskin 

Red swell fork and Brown Slick Fork



If you would like to order one of these saddles, please print out a saddle worksheet:  Saddle Worksheets with and without pictures   There are 3 different worksheets depending on type  of saddle you would like to order.  

Boz Flexible Springflex Airflow Saddle Trees:  They come in most colors and either a Swell fork (the black tree in the middle  or a Slick Fork (the brown on the left and the grey on the right).  The swell accepts a horn and the slick doesn't.

   This picture shows the front view and the difference of a swell fork and a slick fork.  Red on left is a swell fork and the brown tree on the right is a slick.

ALL SADDLE TREES COME IN:  Bone, Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Pink or we can create a different color just for you. 



  Rigging a Boz Saddle          *Shows the proper placement of the Bozzage saddle   BOZ  FLEXIBLE SADDLES   





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