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  • Boz can teach you if you are a beginner or owner that is interested in making sure your horses are getting the best foot care available or if you need advance training in orthotics. Boz can teach from beginning to the most advance shoeing techniques known

  • Boz Custom Shoeing Chaps Boz Shoeing Chaps $350.00 (without tools)
    The Boz Custom Shoeing Chaps after 30 years as a Shoeingsmith, has designed a pair of chaps that work, and that are safe.
    1. Double Pockets for knife and pick.
    2. Left and right side large pockets for rasp and nippers, no more laying them on the ground. "GREAT FOR TRIMS"
    3. Nail pouch attachment on both sides.
    4. Breakaway belt.
    5. Large security patches for inner thigh and knee protection.
    6. These chaps are the best money can buy.

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