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1.    You can't argue with Physics, it is impossible to fit a rigid object to a moving object, PERIOD!

2.     Anyone who says they can is Long on WIND and SHORT on KNOWLEDGE!

3.    Because Riding your horse in a WOODEN RIGID TREE is like someone making you run a mile in WOODEN SHOES with     SPECIAL Padding.  It's just that simple and I can prove it!  "Lets Ride"  


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Featured Saddle



32  Advantages a Boz Saddle has, that no other saddle has!

1.            Patented Boz Springflex Tree #5101614

2.            Forward performance speed racing seats

3.            Forward hung not swing stirrup leathers

4.            Bulkless rigging behind your leg, not under  it, the closest leg contact and lower leg grip of any saddle.

5.            Removable sponge bars for the perfect fit to any horse

6.            Pebble Grip Boz Horns

7.            Pebble Grip leather (A Boz Trademark)

8.            Shin bone relief stirrups with crepe foot treads

9.           This saddle needs no horse pad, therefore  – less bulk – less weight

10.        Ready to race on the horse – 20lbs.

11.        Non restricting forward slant horns

12.        Adjust stirrups while sitting in the saddle

13.          Interchangeable horns in 10 minutes

14.          Interchangeable rear floating  cups, round  or square skirts

15.          Can add 30 lbs. of training weight inside of tree

16.          Water injection system for cooling horses

17.          No hobbling of stirrup leathers, much freer swing.  Custom stirrup design will not flip over

18.          Stirrups will lock forward, middle or back in  seconds while riding, because of the V style stirrup  leathers

19.          Custom designed pony ring – to pony 1 to 4 horses    at a time safely.

20.          You can ride sitting, or standing at any speed or  direction with no loss of security while pulling on a  horse’s head with 2 hands   

21.          35 yrs in Endurance , 100 mile racing and never a   sore back

22.          Rear points of saddle float 1 ˝” up off loins , for  more hind end power and maximum performance

23.          Strongest horn pull out at 10 Tons

24.          Strongest and most scientific Tree ever made

25.          Sit & Pour ™ Tree fitting System, flex or rigid, same tree

26.         Never Slip Bulkless Boz Custom Horse Pad with 1/2", 3/4", 1" inserts.

27.          Saddle trees come in 20 racing colors

28.          Lighted tree for Search & Rescue

29.          Adjustable seat sizes all in the same saddle

30.          This saddle has 9 balancing positions, counterfeit   saddles only have 2

31.          Buy a kit, put it together yourself & upgrade leather

32.          It is impossible to pass Bozzage levels 1 thru 4 in any other saddle or bit


Made in USA by Senior citizens.

Just Riding a Boz makes you a WINNER – especially to your HORSE!

Call and learn the 3 secrets to become a champion.  559-542-1269




Saddle weighs 20 lbs. This is the new Ultimate Light  Barrel Racing saddle built for speed and balance.  It has the new Boz Pebble Grip horn that is Alum. and light weight.  Gives you a little Bling for your saddle.  Notice the reverse Alum Stirrups that gives relief to your shin bone, this was requested by the customer.  This saddle has a performance seat to keep you forward in the balanced position.  This customer is racing for money , her saddle needs to be comfortable for her horse and has to keep her balanced and in the correct position.  Per customers request, notice the short strings and small conchos, gives you some bling but not too much to add weight.   ( $3897.00)


Finally NO MORE        1.  Shoulder pinching        2.  Loin rubbing         3.  or  Bridging    

                                             Plus 95% more Balance and Security

Riding a BOZ makes you a “WINNER “   -   especially to your HORSE!


                                                        These pictures show some of our saddles and equipment along with Piggly Pines/Shop and clinic students enjoying a ride in our meadow and seeing the giant redwood that are near by.  To see more click on the links above for saddles, clinics and Piggly Pines


Riding By Reasoning Video




 This video is the product of over seventy five years of research by several of the worlds foremost authorities on horse and rider movement, balance and agility. Riding By Reasoning is the final word on Saddle design, rider positioning for virtually every discipline known to the world of Horsemanship.
Riding by Reasoning is a video that includes the most scientific studies ever done on saddles and riding positions of all disciplines, English and Western. Learn why you have only been able to get 10% out of yourself and your horse as a team, even if you are a champion. This will show you without a question what real "BALANCE RIDING" is all about. All questions will be answered.


If you would like a printed version click below.

RBR Saddle Research (RBR stands for Riding By Reasoning) by Monte Foreman

The most scientific saddle research ever done .

Click here to read:   Riding By Reasoning PDF



The trick to great horsemanship is to be at the right place at the right time with the least amount of fuss as possible.

Foreman was probably the most controversial author to ever talk about HORSEMANSHIP. Because most of it’s action is faster than the eye. He was the 1st to use slow motion cameras so all being said, Foremans Horsemanship should of been called "INTRODUCTION TO WORLD HORSEMANSHIP"

Teaching the World what to look for in performance and why it works. Lets see what makes a working horse work. Because the majority of horse owners ride without reason - system or knowledge.

The Rider must not only know more than the horse, he also must know how to help the horse. Like Barrel Racing when disunited in the hind legs he has no pivot or weight caring leg, this is the Riders mistake. That’s why the hind quarters falls to the outside. Going to the Barrel in the wrong lead and coming out in the wrong lead. No Folks, the horse is not being helped by the rider, instead they are being thrown off balance and the rider believes the horse should be good enough to figure it out on his own. Not going to happen! Without leg aid control and training. The horse is always guessing . The Riders legs aids must control the hind quarters other wise the horse is always at a disadvantage to handle with maximum efficiency it takes competent riding and training to stop disuniting. When the withers go lower than the croup, too much weight goes on his front legs making it harder and taking too much time to turn. With leg aids, a rider can stop the hind quarter from displacing or disuniting in a turn, rhythm and agility go together, you must learn as a good rider. Rein-Weight and leg aids for maximum control of the hind end to get much done.



 It’s the Footwork that Counts!

A Monte Foreman film presented by Boz Saddlery/Bozzage Training/ John "BOZ" Bozanich ( a Monte Foreman accredited instructor)

OVER 80% OF IT IS IN THE USE OF LEADS. Leads are the left handiness and right handiness of galloping horses. This film demonstrates more about left handed and right handed footwork, that has ever been known before by horseman all over the World. It is hard to believe that less than 1% of all riders in the world can do flying changes of leads on call.

Monte Foreman was the 1st. in the world to do a front foot first and hind foot first flying change on call.

Horses become chronically one sided because Riders who do not know leads make them that way . Horses are not one leaded by nature. The horse doesn’t have to be in the correct lead for every turn, but the Rider must always know what lead the horse has and when it is necessary to change it.The only maneuver a cutting horse needs is a rollback. A right lead rollback to a left lead then rollback to a right lead and stay head to head to whatever is in front of you, That Simple!

"Monte Foreman developed the first complete basic handle ever assembled."

The horses accurately use of the leads account for over 80% of their agility. Everything is done in balance with ease and in rhythm because of a well trained rider in our riding system. It’s like dancing the Rider has to Guild, because he is the only one who knows where they’re going. This also prevents pattern sore horses. Even in stops we stand up in the stirrups and check the horse down in balance. Monte Foreman was the main influence to the world on how to do slide stops with No slide ground, No slide shoes and No slide boots, just good old regular dirt and deep too. You can see now why it really is the footwork that counts. May you always ride a great horse and your great horse enjoy you more through "Bozzage". Hope to see you at the next Bozzage Clinic. 559-542-1269 or

John "BOZ" Bozanich, a Monte Foreman certified accredited instructor. Teaching Montes Basic to Advance Horsemanship Handle with a TWIST! 2 hands - 1 hand - No hands, at ALL 4 speeds, 1/4 , ˝, 3/4, & Full, in any direction at any speed and is used for any horse discipline. We call it "BOZZAGE" the new generation.

What is Bozzage Performance  Riding?  Click and Read!

The Bozzage Riding Test

This will show you if you have a problem with your saddle, bit or training system


            a    This is Level 1 only Level 1 Evaluation Test    25% Rider and Horse

            b    This is Level 2 only Level 2 Evaluation Test    50% Rider and Horse

            c     This is Level 3 only Level 3 Evaluation Test    75% Rider and Horse

            d    This is Level 4 only Level 4 Evaluation Test    100% Rider and Horse

                                        All 4 Levels Evaluation test


The Top 1% Riders all do Click the link and Learn  what the Top 1% Riders all do!





"It's the FOOTWORK that COUNTS"        -          "We ride on our FEET not our SEAT" 

To achieve an all SPEED handle, which we call "BOZZAGE"


"The SPIN stops HERE"


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 Non-original owners pay a 20% surcharge on all repairs, replacement parts, saddle related items and upgrades.

All prices on all items are subject to change without notice.   


Call for current prices 559-542-1269

The most scientifically designed and built "SADDLES" and "TRAINING GEAR" in the world.  There has been enough talk....isn't it time to put it in "RIDING?"  Think about it, you have to have a BOZ SADDLE because you love your horse.  Boz saddles are built on Genuine BOZ SPRING FLEX AIR FLOW RELAX FIT WITH MEMORY SADDLE TREES in the style of the Monte Foreman Balance Ride Saddles only on a Boz flexible saddle tree.

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