Boz Race Trainer Saddles


 New Race Trainer Saddle (special introductory offer (limited time only) $1295.00  As of 1-10-18 The Race Trainer starts at:  $1395.00


      This Race Trainer is off to Utah and then to the American Barrel Race.  The Tree is a Mint Green with a Pebble Grip horn. 

These saddles come in different colors and you can go from Barrel Racing to Endurance   1.   2.  3. This Bone Saddle is set up for Endurance with added strap eyes and hardware.  No pad is needed so it keeps the heat off the back.  Bone saddle off to San Diego, CA

  This Race Trainer Saddle is set up for barrels with a horn and no frills for added weight.  Again no pad is needed.  4. 5. 6.   

7.   8.  Same saddle as above but horn removed and ready for Endurance.  Either with the leather seat or Sheepskin Seat.  This saddle is off to Lakeport, CA

This Race Trainer is in our new color of Lime Green.  It is going back east to PA.   It is done in Black leather with a Black Rough out long seat.  It also has a pony ring, Pebble Grip Horn and Alum engraved stirrups.         


          These pictures show the New longer seat in brown rough out leather.  You can try this out, it is in Lakeport, CA   Jennifer will be happy to show it to you, contact her on facebook or instagram. 

The following saddle is going to Texas.  These pictures shows the new longer seat and how you can move it back if you want a higher cantle.  This shows the pleasure seat but you can easily velcro in and out a performance speed racing seat.  This saddle also has a pony ring, great to pony horses with or just as a handle. 

These show the rigging of the saddle           

  These 2 pictures show the seat completely forward      

These pictures show the seat being moved back for different heights of the cantle.                                      This shows the 2 different seat, original smaller and the new longer seat.  Also "Sticky Pants" patches. 


Click here to see how it all goes together, put in or take out the performance seat, how the sponge bars go on and off.  Race Trainer Saddle

Click here to get the Race Trainer Worksheet.  RACE TRAINER SADDLE WORK SHEET

We have the new Rent To Own offer for Race Trainer Saddles only.  $500.00 down at the time of order and then the balance divided into 12 equal payments.  Call today and see about ordering your new Race Trainer Saddle.  559-542-1269  Rent to Own sample agreement

This Race Trainer Saddle is set up for barrels and with a Gear Bronze Horn.  This Race Trainer is done in Brown Leather with a Brown Tree.            This saddle is off to Oklahoma

These Race Trainer Saddles below are shown for either Endurance Riding/Racing or Barrel Racing.  You can take the horn off and on in minutes!  The Pink Saddle is off to Australia and the Purple Saddle is off to Idaho.  We donate $50.00 to the Breast Cancer Society for every pink saddle sold.  Please note the different between the performance speed racing seat and the pleasure seat.  You can change out the  seats in minutes also. 

Pink saddle with performance speed racing seat, purple saddle with flat pleasure seat.  Each have the Pebble grip horn.      Pleasure seat in the purple   Performance speed racing seat in the pink

        Same saddle with pleasure on the left and performance on the right      Same saddles as above but horns removed and trail stirrups on for trail riding.      Performance seat on left and pleasure seat on the right.

The Following Race Trainer Saddle shows the different seats you can get.  Leather seat, Leather seat in rough out and a Sheepskin seat for winter or trail.  The Tree is done in Turquoise with a Pebble Grip Horn.



     This Race Trainer is going to MO to an Endurance/Trail Rider.  It has the 4" Trail stirrups, the strap eyes and footman loops added to carry equipment and doesn't have a horn. 

This shows the Race Trainer with no horn.  It is headed to Florida.  It has a purple tree, Brown 4" Trail stirrups.